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Summer Riches on a Lazy Sunday

The skies have turned a lot darker than the overcast day you see outside in this picture.  The birds are swarming the front yard bird-feeder in an attempt to get the last few morsels before they take shelter from the threatening storm. Life abounds in summer -- from the cacophony of the cicadas at night to the lush greens, yellows, and reds of flowers and vegetables ripening on the many plants our daughter, S, has planted around the house and on the back deck. A small sampling of the universe outside sits on the window sill - with one exception: the luscious-looking peaches were picked by our first-born and her husband at a local farm.  There were blackberries, but I ate 'em up!  It was nice of them to stop by (the FirstBorn and her husband - and the blueberries, too:)!).  Usually on Sundays when the kids are with her ex, we don't see them.  I expect the empty house drove them out to seek solace in the joys of nature. In any event, we had a lovely conversation, free from the …

OK so, I know I don't usually blog more than once every 200 weeks or something... but..

OK, so I started Lily yet again. Whaddya think about her new colors? I really love stash diving:)
I decided to stop doing the main body of the sweater and instead (as is my usual wont) I decided to knit the sleeves as "swatches" - to check my color choices and to check gauge. On the plus side, this plan is faster and more efficient.

I like the new colors ..... so far. Be honest. What do you think?:) More to come.


I didn't write much yesterday about non-knitting things.  Let me add a bit.

My Dad is in his 80s. I know, I'm in my 60s.  That's because my parents were 19 when I was born.  I was always proud of the fact that my parents were so young (and "cool") compared to my friends' parents.  And for the most part, I still am happy about that.  Sadly, Dad is not mentally "there" as much as he used to be - and that breaks my heart more than I can express.
Despite her incredible youth, my dear mother died almost 55 years ago in a …

Post Mortem and Life after the Frog Pond

Here lie the remains of a lot of knitting.  Knitting in the round.  Colorwork.  Challenging colorwork. Marie Wallin colorwork. As you can see, a lot of it is quite lovely. Some of it is indiscernible. For that reason, I made the decision to cast off with a three needle bind-off, thereby creating a pouch/bag. More on that later.
So, what did I do wrong? What have we (I) learned here? 
1. Swatch 2. Swatch 3. Swatch, wash, block and measure 4. Swatch.
Marie Wallin is my design hero(ine).  She creates beautiful colorwork, lace, and cabled knitwear and crochet. This pattern (Lily)is from her Springtime Collection Six book - an amazing work of art in my humble opinion.  The recommended yarn for this pattern is a fingering weight from Rowan - Felted Tweed, a beautiful yarn to which I do not have access for geographic, financial, and other reasons. This meant that I had to figure out what yarns I had in stash (and I have many) that could work together. 
I should have swatched.  I sorta did.  …