OK so, I know I don't usually blog more than once every 200 weeks or something... but..

OK, so I started Lily yet again. Whaddya think about her new colors? I really love stash diving:)
I decided to stop doing the main body of the sweater and instead (as is my usual wont) I decided to knit the sleeves as "swatches" - to check my color choices and to check gauge. On the plus side, this plan is faster and more efficient.

I like the new colors ..... so far. Be honest. What do you think?:) More to come.


I didn't write much yesterday about non-knitting things.  Let me add a bit.

My Dad is in his 80s. I know, I'm in my 60s.  That's because my parents were 19 when I was born.  I was always proud of the fact that my parents were so young (and "cool") compared to my friends' parents.  And for the most part, I still am happy about that.  Sadly, Dad is not mentally "there" as much as he used to be - and that breaks my heart more than I can express.
Despite her incredible youth, my dear mother died almost 55 years ago in a terrible car accident on Southern State Parkway on Oct. 11, 1962.  Her loss has been beyond belief.  My brothers and I miss her so much. So my only living parent is now in his 80s.  My stepmother is a bit younger, but I am grateful to her for loving him and caring for him. I see her as a friend. A dear friend.
He (Dad) got sick a couple of weeks ago.  Really sick.  He was hospitalized, then "stepped down" (what a euphemistic piece of drivel THAT is!) to a nursing home for a couple of weeks.  If not for my stepmother, who truly loves him, he'd be a mess.  Thanks to her, he is going home soon - with increased services and technology, but going home. John and I went to FL to see him and to give the stepmother a break ---- and dinner --- and wine! We had a wonderful time, enjoying seeing dear Dad and seeing dear her:) and... hey--- wine!

Now comes the really nice part that makes me cry when I'm driving and nobody sees me:

John didn't like the fact that Dad's dresser in the nursing home had three pictures on it and no cards, so he bought a bunch of cards (some dirty) from him and me.  He sent word out to our kids who got to work.  Our single kids sent cards. Our artistic daughter-in-law R created a card.  Our grandchildren (his great-grands) created cards, picture frames with pictures, and sent cookies and spices they only have in the Kingdom of Merlin (as in Chesapeake Bay seasoning and Berger Cookies).   So now his room is full and his walker has pictures of his great-grandangels on it.

Oh --- did I tell you my husband is a saint?

Well he is.


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