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Happy Birthday, my beloved country.

The raw energy and presence in this rendition of our national anthem will ever be etched into my memories of reports from Woodstock, NY in the summer of 1969. Was I there? Hell no! I was only 15 and my folks would've taken gas, LOL:)! But did I wish I were there? Probably not.  I was just as happy to listen to and view the performances from the safety of a seat at the movies and later, at home watching TV and marveling how so many thousands of people, probably stoned out of their minds, managed to laugh and love and enjoy without killing each other. Besides, with my incredible insecurity about my physique, the nudity alone would have scared me off!! Recently, I saw a documentary on our local public television station about Garrison Keillor - his humor, his writing and his music all brought to the forefront in his weekly radio show, The Prairie Home Companion. If I came away with one thing from that piece, it was something he said about Americans in general.  That we are basically…