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The house is quiet except for the hum of a gas-powered generator running in the back yard, keeping the refrigerator, freezer, hot water heater and a nearby lamp running. I am up working on this

and am now at the point before the last six rows of garter stitch before the final clue. The end is in sight, but it will have to wait for tomorrow evening. I'm bushed!
We are still without electricity because a tree went down in the storm early Sunday morning, taking out 3 electric poles with it about a quarter mile from where my neighbors and we live. John, Dan and Betsy walked into Old Ellicott (the road is still closed to cars) and Dan took these pics which he posted on Facebook.

I'm not holding my breath for BG&E to get here any time soon. At least it isn't scorching hot- or freezing cold! Actually right now it actually is cold- who knew August would be so strange?
If any of you dear 2.5 use a generator for this reason, PLEASE don't bring them into your home or attached gar…

Quiet Aftermath

Well the electricity went off early this morning, so I'm listening to NPR on the battery-charged radio, typing this on my phone, sitting in my little knitting corner and knitting- because outside of doing the dishes and

rearranging the den to allow the lovely breeze in, there's not much else I can do. Except for the electrical situation (and our neighbor's water shortage- they use a well), it's hard to believe that yesterday we were prepping for a hurricane!
So of course I started a new project- one in my list - Hawthorne. After the initial 311-stitch cast-on, it's pretty clear sailing.

This evening, we have reservations to a local Residence Inn which will hopefully have electricity, so those of us working tomorrow will be able to get ready.
In the meantime, I get to hang out with these guys:

In the immortal words of Ina Garten: How bad can that be?
God be with you 'til we meet again- and thanks for your prayers and well wishes!

Hunker Hunker Hunker

Well, we have batteries, a lot of food in the freezer (which doesn't help much, does it?) and plenty of cold cheese and cereal and canned goods.  We need to bring the garden furniture indoors so it won't be a flying missile to the neighbors or ourselves. The winds for this area are not supposed to be so high that we need to tape the windows.  We are about three hours from Ocean City, in the center of Merlin. If Irene comes up the Chesapeake and is just a bit west of where she's predicted to go, of course we're screwed.  Needless to say, as long as we have power, the TV is on to MSNBC, we're charging cellphones and Kindles and iPads and as the title of this post says, hunkering down. Hopefully we are prepared enough.  Ocean City was evacuated yesterday, which it darn well should have been - a thin strip of a peninsula dangling precariously between Assowoman Bay (yes, that is the name of the bay- good ole Merlin) and the Atlantic Ocean. The Weather Gurus are predict…

Heresy!! Or WWAD?

Here I sit, (my newly trimmed-down behind exceedingly sore on the stone bench) near the lovely fountain outside the Baltimore County courthouse. I am waiting for the afternoon docket and it's the loveliest August day I've ever seen! It has to be about 65 degrees F - glad to have my jacket on!
The morning's docket was fairly uneventful except the Master (they preside over our hearings unless there's a problem) seemed to be ill. Never saw so many recesses in my life. Poor guy!
This afternoon is anybody's guess--sigh. Well I'm not talking about my cases- then I'd be down to .5 readers,LOL! This morning was an early wake up- John and I took the grandgirls to a local Residence Inn for their last possible overnight of the summer. The idea was that they and John would head to the hotel pool this morning, their mom or dad would pick them up from our house at about midday, and then John would put the finishing touches on the house for our home inspection this eve…

Homage to Cat Bordhi

Cat Bordhi is one of those people who gives more than she gets.  Her videos are worth their weight in gold.  Here's one of her Sweet Tomato Heel Socks.  This technique is featured in her e-book of a similar name - it can be found on Ravelry or on her website.

And here's another version of that heel - the Padded Sweet Tomato Heel - also featured in her new e-book: Thank you, Cat! If you find this interesting, you should definitely get that e-book! God be with you 'til we meet again! +

Keepin on keepin on

This has definitely been an interesting week.  We've been rearranging - well JOHN's been rearranging a lot of furniture since S has moved into her own place and D is back into B's room, who is now moving to D's old room.  J still has her room.... and so do I, LOL:)! Work has been crazy busy - have court all day, then off to do visits, so I'm home fairly late most evenings.  But it's a good thing.  I want to be ready for all my hearings and I don't want to fall behind on visits ever again! The system I have in place right now seems to be working - thanks to a lovely hardworking person at the office who keeps us all honest and organized.  As a result.... not much knitting has crossed my lap in the last few days.  Monday evening, we were expecting a visit from the landlord's agent - a normal yearly look through to be sure we aren't manning a Meth lab in the basement (not).  Unfortunately, the poor lady got sick and you know how that can be.  So, we…

Shoulda kind of day

It's very late and everyone is sleeping, except for John, I hope, LOL:) The silence is deafening save for the clicking of the keys on the keyboard as I type these words.  I've always been used to living with lots of people, so silence bothers me more than it should - not that noise doesn't LOL:)!  Well, today was one of those "I was supposed to" kind of days.  But I did other things instead.I was supposed to review an entire file, but in the process of getting ready to do that, I organized my desk, which really wasn't such a bad thing, but unfortunately, I'm now leaving that work for tomorrow and Monday and I won't have as much time on those days to get it done. DRAT. But at least the day was not a total loss.  In getting a lot of things cleaned up, I have a clearer view of what must be done.  I've gotten better organized.  Not as organized as I'd like to be, but better than I was.  As you can see from the pictures here, I have done a bit o…

An FO and beginnings and ends

This will be a quick post, dear 2.5 readers. It's late and I'm tard, or toyered as the use to say in my hometown. I finally finished crocheting that afghan for the Penultimate child who is moving into her own place and starting her graduate work in anthropology at one of DC's prestigious universities. She's a big girl now; it's time, but I'll miss her nonetheless.

Before I head for bed, I have to tell you about a really cool blog one of my knitting buds at the Columbia Sip 'N Knit has started. It's called Executive Knitting and is at
I've already learned how to do a web query to get my ravelry projects into excel. When I find out what a webquery is, I will let you know, but seriously, check out this blog. It truly helps me as a knitter to get back n touch with the left side of my brain!
Good night- and God be with you 'til we meet again+

Back again (I know, right?)

I decided to skip church today (oh nooooooo!) and slept in a little bit.  I have a client visit I will be leaving to do in about an hour and wanted to post a little more about my knitting.  Lately, we've been through a bit of a rollercoaster here at das Haus der FugueStateKnits. Surgery for myself and one of our daughters within weeks of each other, healing and getting strength back, catching up at work, financial worries that we are finally dealing with and for which we have a hopefully workable game plan, one daughter getting ready to move out to pursue her doctorate in anthropology and a teaching fellowship at American University, a son in and out while honing his skills as an actor, another daughter and her husband deciding to go for a short sale of their home because its value has gone "upside down," all good and all challenging, each in their own way. And each a virtual talisman for the experience of today's American Every(wo)man. In the midst of this, there h…

Knitting at Night

It has been awhile, hasn't it? Well, once you take off for any period of time, you pay for it in one way or another. Unfortunately, it took a while to completely get all my energy back, but now that it is, I am going great guns. Since last we met, dear 2.5 readers, I have been scrambling to get my head above water at work.  And it hasn't been a lot of fun.  But I now I have the energy to do what I need to do, and I have a plan with which to do it. Once that happens, as long as I do what I need to do, things should be fine - or as fine as the Universe allows:) The video to the right of an old lady and her knitting is yours truly.  I decided to do a continental version of the videos that Colin does (without his intelligence and witty conversation unfortunately), but because it's so late right now as I type this, I was extremely quiet.  Seriously, I don't usually speak that quietly! Really:)  What you see me knitting (actually I'm on a purl row here) is Dark and Stor…