The house is quiet except for the hum of a gas-powered generator running in the back yard, keeping the refrigerator, freezer, hot water heater and a nearby lamp running. I am up working on this

and am now at the point before the last six rows of garter stitch before the final clue. The end is in sight, but it will have to wait for tomorrow evening. I'm bushed!
We are still without electricity because a tree went down in the storm early Sunday morning, taking out 3 electric poles with it about a quarter mile from where my neighbors and we live. John, Dan and Betsy walked into Old Ellicott (the road is still closed to cars) and Dan took these pics which he posted on Facebook.

I'm not holding my breath for BG&E to get here any time soon. At least it isn't scorching hot- or freezing cold! Actually right now it actually is cold- who knew August would be so strange?
If any of you dear 2.5 use a generator for this reason, PLEASE don't bring them into your home or attached garage. A family did that here with devastating consequences.
Well , gotta get up in a few hours!
God be with you 'til we meet again+

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