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This has definitely been an interesting week.  We've been rearranging - well JOHN's been rearranging a lot of furniture since S has moved into her own place and D is back into B's room, who is now moving to D's old room.  J still has her room.... and so do I, LOL:)!
Work has been crazy busy - have court all day, then off to do visits, so I'm home fairly late most evenings.  But it's a good thing.  I want to be ready for all my hearings and I don't want to fall behind on visits ever again! The system I have in place right now seems to be working - thanks to a lovely hardworking person at the office who keeps us all honest and organized. 
As a result.... not much knitting has crossed my lap in the last few days.  Monday evening, we were expecting a visit from the landlord's agent - a normal yearly look through to be sure we aren't manning a Meth lab in the basement (not).  Unfortunately, the poor lady got sick and you know how that can be.  So, we're scheduled for next week same time.  No biggie.  Actually I was secretly glad that we waited for her a couple of hours.  I got to knit - so far the only knitting I've done this work week! Well, I wasn't going to review confidential records just as she was arriving, was I? (insert evil chuckle here)
I've been working on Clue 3 of the Westknits Mystery KAL.  I posted some pictures and have not really gotten much further, so I figured why re-post them?
Oh twisted my arm:)
Those of you who are following/doing this KAL can see that I've made a mistake in the second big block of white.  This should have been a parallelogram rather than a wedge.  I figure since there was already one wedge, that another one wouldn't hurt.  Plus, I've done the parallelograms correctly in the third clue and am to be adding two more, so there will be two wedges, then three parallelograms - my own version of the Fibonacci sequence... sort of. 
I really love the vibrancy of these colors in St-Denis' Boreale (fingering weight) yarn. it's a lot of fun to knit as well.
As you can imagine, my other projects have not seen any progress since last I wrote you, dear 2.5.  However, I have organized my "current" projects a bit better in the living room.  They too, are being rearranged.  Michaels had a bunch of canvas box thingies on sale, so I got four of them.  They are a lot easier to work with when you're knitting at home than a bag - and they sit better on a shelf for better organization.  I am also thinking about those organizer boxes that KnitPicks sells, but that will be in a long while, if ever.
One thing I did break down and get at KnitPicks: their interlocking blocking boards and some T-pins so I can really block my lace work. Usually, I hit them with a steam iron, but that doesn't get those lovely points, nor does it completely block everything. First time I use them, I will report on how I do.
Now here's something I can safely say points to my mental state regarding knitting:  I have some yarn that I think will look really really good as a sweater for our son, D.  I asked him to pick out a Starmore sweater from either her Aran Knitting or Fishermen's Sweaters book.  I have his measurements, too:) So, he picked the Aranmor.  I am also considering knitting either an Eala Bhan or a Maidenhair, but I'm not willing to knit a Starmore sweater until I have a much better idea of what size I'm going to end up.  So in the interim, I'm going to knit a sweater for D because (1) I knit one for him about 24 years ago when he was 4 and he loved it; and (2) because I've been promising him one for years.  While I'm at it, I've been promising to knit my SIL (S) a Dr. Who scarf. Man, I'd better get cracking! I think I know why I start all these projects: so as to not have a Sable stash!
On the weight loss front, it's continuing  - a pound every couple of days or so.  That's actually a fairly fast weight loss, but it feels like tectonic plates shifting over eons to me, LOL! A few things that have happened: it's a lot easier to take a shower because I can reach everything:); I was able to kneel in church last sunday because it didn't hurt as badly as it used to; I am wearing clothes I haven't worn since my last big weight loss in 2006 (I am about 7-10 pounds above that now as I type this and expect to be there before my next dr's appointment in September.); Some of my clothes are just too big and need to be given away; my shoes even fit me better; I look older as more fat leaves my face; my figure looks a lot less "voluptuous" to me; my arms are flabbier.  Pretty soon, I'm going to have to get some new underwear so I can prevent everything from hitting my knees. Yes, folks, that's one thing I will NOT buy second hand:) Today I wore to court a skirt and a jacket I haven't been able to wear for years (no, it was not a calico gingham skirt with a sunbonnet, nor was it a mini skirt!) And as you can see from the above, there's still plenty of "cheek" left:) Well that was TMI:)
God be with you 'til we meet again:)!+
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