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Am working from home today.  The rest of the family are working and I have this lovely bit of quiet to get paperwork, scheduling and other organizational tasks completed.  One of the things I was doing was of course reading emails, updating calendars and the like. But a post from Mason-Dixon Knitting drew me up short for some reason. My really cool grandson, Gram (all my grands are cool - don't ever disabuse me of that notion!) has recently expressed a desire to learn to knit. Kay and Ann of Mason-Dixon knitting fame are having a book giveaway contest on their blog.  I frankly do not care about winning that book, although it looks like a wonderful book to have, but I did post a comment because I figured there would be a lot of folks who might have some ideas for me.  Here's what I wrote:

I had a rather wicked stepmother – or with the advantage of hindsight – a stepmother with a lot of issues and a lot on her plate. But there is one thing she did for which I will be forever grateful. She taught my two stepsisters and me to knit. Now that I have been a wicked mother and am now a wicked grandmother, I recently completed five sweaters – one for each of our five grandchildren. My grandson, Gram, was so intrigued by the sweater I knit him (he loves it, bless his heart) that he has asked me to teach him to knit. He has ADHD. His parents and his doctor are trying to figure out which meds work and how much he needs. He is learning to feel his feelings and on top of everything else is dealing with the stress of going back and forth between two divorced parents’ households with his older brother and younger sister.
He will be 5 years old on Valentine’s Day.
I so want to teach him, but I so want to do it right. What a comfort and blessing and brain healer knitting could be for him!
If anyone has any ideas, I am all ears. Sorry if this is TMI, but your post really resonated with me today.
Happy knitting, everyone!
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 Last Sunday, Gram, along with his mom and sibs, stopped by to say hello on their way back from a birthday party.   I was at the concert having a great time, but to have missed this is just heartbreaking! Hopefully, I will be ready for him this coming Sunday, two little chubby knitting needles and some nice yarn for him. I keep thinking of  Elizabeth Zimmerman's recounting of how she learned to knit at this age and wondering if perhaps that's the way to go.  Cast on, teach him to knit a stitch or two and then that's it. It's the "teach him to knit a stitch or two" part that is daunting, LOL:)

Ah well.  If any of you dear readers have an idea or two, as I said, I am all ears!
Gotta get back to work.  Back soon.  Until then, God be with you 'til we meet again.+


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