Bloggy Blahs, but I did have a decent week!

Life has just been moving along. Nothing earth shattering, nothing really new, so I've been following a whole bunch of blogs and commenting throughout the blogosphere - in English and occasionally in German (die arme Deutschen!). And it's been a lot of fun. Christa and Grainnee, thank you for posting comments here! I have so enjoyed hearing from you - you have been very kind to this "spinnende Ammie," and I so appreciate it:).
Last I really posted (aside from the articale in Playbill about our son), I think it was more than a week ago, so I will catch up a bit:
Last Saturday was the International Knit in Public Day - so of course being the perverse individual I am, I knit in private! Actually I stayed up so late Friday evening that I was a bit foggy eyed in the morning that I slept in past noon! That evening I attended a concert for a woman's singing group called the Nightingales. Their accompaniment - consisting of piano and at times a flute - was delightful. The concert featured the work of one of the singers and it was LOVELY! I was amazed at how well she had composed these works and if anyone else out there heard this, please leave this talented lady's name in a comment! I want to give appropriate credit. I did try a little "knitting in public," here at Emory United Methodist Church - a wee little church on one of Old Ellicott's many hills near the Fire Museum. Donna's husband, Tom and her son, Brian and his GF were present, supporting their wife and mom, respectively. Another St. John's member, Charles O, was also there. The music was definitely old-fashioned, and not the fast paced stuff we're used to in today's world, but I had a very pleasant time. Donna was very much the professional, shining only when it was her turn to do so (and I know what a beautiful voice she has!) When the concert was over, I headed home and had a quiet evening, staying up late again to continue working on some of my projects.
I missed church yet again on Sunday - and Nancy was there! Now you know I was tired! Sunday afternoon, the Army Field Band played a chamber music concert at St. John's, which I did attend, warning Nancy that she should not stand too close to my general vicinity, as the roof was likely to cave in on me. It was nice to catch up with her and hear about her trip with her family - hell it was great to see her finally relieved to see summer after a busy year!
Monday was a fairly busy day at work - court in the morning, paperwork in the afternoon and visits in the evening. Tuesday there was a meeting at DSS in the morning, a visit to the office mid -day, filing back at the courthouse, and then I stopped by St. Johns for a bit to give Nancy a hand with the handbell music. Again, not really bloggable stuff, but lots 'o fun for me. Nancy shared her lunch with me and it was delicious - I don't think I can match her ability to creat low-carb meals with so much flavor, so I think I owe her lunch, LOL!

The next day was a morning spent babysitting the grandgirls, then poor John got up after only a few hours sleep to take over so I could go off to lunch and a training conference near the airport. Note picture at right documenting the fact that he is indeed, the World's Best Pop.
Thursday was court, and then finally, I had an office visit with Dr. A regarding the possibility of weight loss surgery. It looks like I will most likely have to document at least three months of attempting weight loss with my primary doc, if not six - but that's OK. Plus, apparently they have you join a support group, get a psychological evaluation and nutritionaly counseling. It's really a holistic approach that they take. I see now why my daughter, D, has had so much success with this. There's a lot to do, but think of the rewards! I think it's worth it! Once that was over it was time to go visit three clients, then home.
This morning I thought I had a hearing, so I got up early, ran out the door and hit a wall of traffic. In a panic (because this particular Master really really wants us there on time!) , I called the clerk's office only to find that this hearing had been postponed to July 10th! OY! It was terrific - like getting a day off from school! So I went home, answered e-mails and had a relatively quiet afternoon.
Knitting. Oh yeah, Knitting!
I may have mentioned that I ordered Marianne Isager's book, Knitting Classics. Well, it arrived
shortly before the weekend and I think I'm going to start with attempting the lovely sleeveless number on the cover - only I think I'm gonna add some sleeves or use it as a vest. This is one lovely book - allow me to show you some of the magic that is Marianne Isager:
The sleeveless top on the cover is a series of slip stitch rows, creating vertical strips - slimming and pretty. I've chosen some pretty wild colors but I like how they look together. The photograph here doesn't really do the colors justice - I'm knitting two strands of each color together, so it is basically a sport or close to aran weight. Strangely enough, I actually
knit a swatch on US 5 needles - and got gauge! What the heck is that about? I think it will be a little large, but that's OK - I'm not one of those women who do well with negative ease, LOL!
I love all the other patterns in this book as well - Ms. Isager has a way of using unusual natural yarns to make outstanding garments. I photographed a few of the other projects in the book, but of course my photos really don't show you how truly beautiful her work is!
The book is not terribly expensive and I think it's well worth the price!

I honestly want to do all of them! Just where to begin? I mean, I do have another 8,567 projects yet to finish, right?
Speaking of which, I have also been working on the baby blanket, this time I'm adding more stitch patterns to it to create sort of a sampler blankie. It's not too bad on the eyes.
The Sandrine is still out, and I'm inching ahead bit by bit. I've set the February Lady Sweater aside for a little while, but I'm not giving up on it!
Well, tomorrow is another babysitting day and I may actually behave myself well enough to get to church on time on Sunday, LOL!
In the meantime, I'm working on the baby blanket for "Gunther."
Well, I'm off to do some more knitting while I watch the boob tube!
Have a terrific weekend, everyone! Back soon. Until then, God be with you 'til we meet again!

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