Knitting Amnesia

It's 10:30 on a Saturday morning.  I have to leave really soon to get to my first client visit in Baltimore, so this is a quick post! As I arose this morning and went to my dresser to pull out something to wear today, I saw this little thing folded up (big surprise!) and cannot recall what the heck it is:

 Spread out, it looks more like this:

I know I knit this.  I remember the yarn. I know it's a little "off-center" because I placed the short row section a little too far to one side, but it's fine for a scarf.  The question is, which pattern is this and when did I knit this? LOL!!! It was one of my many little knitting detours - a quick pattern that provided some distraction and instant gratification with one skein of yarn that had captured my fancy. I don't remember if it was the entire pattern I knitted or just the edging and then the short rows alone?? I think this is one of the free patterns on ravelry.  Anyone recognize it??
Then I can put it up among the completed projects on ravelry and Nimblestix.
So it's true - I'm am an official knitting slut........
Ah well, God be with you 'til we meet again...+
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