Thunder Thighs

I always hated my legs. Never had those pretty Twiggy spindly stilts that went so well with miniskirts, or even shapely ones that look good in jeans. No, my friends, no matter how many fat cells I decimate, there will always be an inordinate number of them clustered upon my femurs, making my Diogenes-like search for the perfect pair of jeans an exercise in futility.
I gave those thunder thighs too much power. I allowed them to dictate to me my human worth in the meat market of my youth. I let them lie to me, telling me that they were a flaw that made me somehow worth less.
But then I had the good fortune to date and marry a lover of thunder thighs and as a result (I leave it to you, dear 2.5, to calculate the inference) many a little one has bounced on them. But as I made my peace with them and they grew, Lord how they grew, I still barely tolerated them.
Until I saw them in my grandson, Gram, as his Mommy was changing his diaper. I marveled at how absolutely adorable he was and how stocky and sturdy his legs were. And I watched as he grew from infant to toddler, from crawler, to walker, to runner on those sturdy legs he got from me.
Thunder thighs are not so bad.
They can hold a lap full of knitting, or a lap full of cuddly baby, skinned-knees needing comfort, kitties, a young teen with a broken heart, or a big galumphing dog who hasn't gotten the memo that he's no longer a lap dog:).
Yeah, they're starting to grow on me after almost 60 years.
But hopefully not too much

Goings On
It's been a crazy few days. John has been recovering from his surgery, but his tummy wasn't very cooperative. This all came to a head last night when his appendix needed removing. Thankfully he's fine and already is recovering very well. It's good to have a diagnosis and a cure! And thank goodness he listened to his body and had me get his toochas to the ER! But it's no fun for him having to recover from two surgeries in two months!
The good news is, I had no hearings today, everything I need to do can wait 'til Monday at work.

As a result, I have been knitting- the Natalie Tank shown above is moving along. Clue #3 of Wendy Johnson's Summer Mystery Shawl is coming along very nicely:

Love how this is coming together and cannot wait to get the last clue tomorrow:)!

Have also picked up a little of the Windesbraut Bertha and started to crochet this baby:

It's called Recuerdos de Infancia
(Memories of Childhood??) by the Chilean poet and awesome crochet designer Gabriela Ordenes. I'm not much of a crocheter, so this is a challenge, but so far, so good:).
And this little drawing is something I hope to crochet out of thin rope for a friend to use for weights for outdoor furniture. We shall see if I am up to the task:)!

In other news, our son, Danny, is doing an amazing job in his latest role at Everyman Theatre in Baltimore - he's in a remake of a remake of Restoration period play called The Beaux Strategem.

He's the guy on the right:)! Here's a link to a local public radio review:

As I type this, it is 4 PM on a Friday. I am sitting in John's hospital room with a lovely clear view of Baltimore City. Maybe age gives one more of a long view on life. If there's one thing I've learned it's that we need to be kinder to each other. Life throws so many surprises our way. And kindness is rarely the wrong way to go.
Until next time,
God be with you 'til we meet again+

Location:S Caton Ave,Baltimore,United States

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