drizzly sunday

More like lazy Sunday.  We're not doing the family dinner thing this week or next. John needs more rest and I am behind on getting things done around here. Not that it will keep me from my latest knitting projects, LOL:)!
I was up too late last night, too late because I was too tired to write the way I would have liked. Got up late as expected, took a shower, got dressed and went to church.  I would have probably skipped, but had agreed to sub for a fellow lector who was called out of town on business or family stuff or something like that.  A good thing, because the sermon was truly outstanding. It referred to the business of finding faith outside of one's usual tribe.  The featured gospel was the one about the Centurion who believed that Jesus could cure his daughter long distance. And then Jenni, our priest, quoted, of all people, Pope Francis:) who apparently recently said something about ALL people being saved by God's grace, even (GASP) atheists:)! Good for you, Pope Francis:)!
Jenni's sermons are usually always a treat.  If you don't really listen to them, because she has a sense of wonder in her voice as she speaks, there is a danger of missing the fact that she is well grounded in Christian theology.  If you really really listen, you can hear that she has well and truly prepared her sermon and, in her words, has "lived" with the text before writing on it. And we were the lucky recipients today:).
This is personal stuff and if it doesn't ring for you, no problem.  I'm not trying to convert anyone to my way of thinking or believing, just sharing what is happening as a means of making sense of things. Today was one of those days when I felt at one with everyone, with life, with the Universe and then of course equally "other" from everyone and everything. It was as if I had a brief glimpse - ever so brief - at the other side of the veil that separates us from the Eternal, from each other, from the true nature of our Self. And then it vanished and I wondered if I was just dreaming it all up.  I suppose that's not a terribly unusual experience to have had. Just something to puzzle out bit by bit as life unfolds I guess.
Now from the sublime to the mundane.  A picture of my progress on that Norwegian flower cardigan thingie. From time to time I have to take a break from it and start something new. It's in my nature. I'm such a knitting floozie....
Well, I'm going to have a seat and look at a knitting video, do a little knitting and then get back to reality.  Work beckons, but not too soon;)

God be with you 'til we meet again -even if you're an atheist:)+ 
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