Blogging between visits

Or after court! I have to catch up on a number of client visits, but figured I should check in here for no good reason, LOL:) It's another Merlin Monday - spring is coming, but it's coming slowly.  So I think we're going to have about five seconds of spring and then get blasted with the kiln of summer. Bleh.
Well court went fine today.  No real snags. Had a shelter hearing and then headed back here with the idea of contacting a lot of my client's placements and setting up visits.  Have a few voicemails in and will try back when the workday is over and they are home.

Right now the house is unusually quiet.  John is off on Monday and is usually up and about, but he is just waking up as I type this - very strange for him, but hey, given his crazy work schedule good for him!

The weekend I met with a couple of clients and did some work at home.  Sunday was a lot of fun - it was the Orchestra of St. Johns' season finale - and in my humble opinion, one of their best concerts yet! But then, I am very partial to Bach and Vivaldi! A number of the "gang" went out to dinner at one of our sponsors, but I had dinner with my own gang at home and couldn't make it.

The cool thing about grandchildren is you get to see the little changes after a week or so.  I cannot imagine what it must be like for grandparents whose kids live so far away. The younger the grandbaby, the more pronounced the change.  Gram is smiling now and definitely prefers his Mommy and Daddy over strangers. Johnny is really into "No!" and he's only 19 months old! Madison is going to Middle School next year and we are all a little apprehensive about that.  Ruby is now the fashion princess of the group and none of us can figure where she got THAT from (certainly not this grandma!).

After dinner was eaten, the dishes done and a little time for play, everyone headed home to bedtimes and preparation for the week.  John and I sat down to watch Celebrity Apprentice, a show I can about stomach, but hell, I'm just knitting and it's his first night off.  Well I still don't know who was fired because NBC broke in with the news that Osama Bin Laden had been killed by US forces in Pakistan. We later learned it was in somebody's palace not far from Islamabad.  Figures - that the icon of supreme misogyny should be hiding in wealth and opulence, using women as shields doesn't surprise me in the least.  What DOES surprise me is that he was alive at all.  It was a fairly widespread rumor that he suffered from advanced kidney disease and required dialysis or transplant. A number of the film footages that the various news outlets kept playing repeatedly last night seemed to show a man who at times was bloated. Whatever his health status was, we will never know, because he was washed, wrapped, prayed over according to Muslim tradition, and buried at sea. Wonder why our military (I assume on orders of our government) did that?  There are probably a number of really good reasons, primarily related to the fact that the Saudis don't want him buried there (he's killed thousands of Saudis during his "tenure.") I won't even pretend to know all the ins and outs of that situation. I'm not sure what to think of his death, but I do believe that the servicemen and women who gave of their time and safety will feel gratified to know he is finally vanquished (assuming Al Qaeda is actually weakened by this).

From the awful to the mundane - yes, on the knitting front - I've made some progress in a few projects.
When I have to wait between or before dockets or sometimes for various meetings to begin, I often pack one of these projects to take along.  I think the reason Nancy's Westerwick took so long was that I simply could not take it around with me AND keep my sanity!
I've put a few more inches on the Guernsey Wrap (Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed). I worked on that during the concert yesterday evening and while waiting for the shelter hearing this afternoon. (I NEVER knit while court is in session!).

 Have also added a dozen or so repeats to the edging pattern for Mr. Flood's other pattern (of, oh, about 80 gazillion) on which I am working. Looking at what I've knitted, I know I'm going to have to block the hell out of this thing!

Finally, I'm on the last square of the Lenten Mystery Shawl.  I thought for sure it would be too warm outside to use this for months, but the weather here has been so weird, I'd better get it finished.  The recipient still wants it and seems happy to be getting it, so I shall continue.  It's been a lot of fun to knit and it's great knowing it will go to someone who will enjoy it.
Well, gotta make dinner.
Back soon I hope - until then, God be with you 'til we meet again!

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