Conference and about 35,000 stitches to go

Today was a beautiful day. Unfortunately I was unable to get a proper walk in, but I was able to get some paperwork done, get it mailed off, requested a subpoena and covered a shelter for a colleague in my county. Having those basics attended to, I was able to set off for Ocean City, Merlin. Above are a few pictures literally snapped as I drove by. The first two are a view from the Severn River Bridge in the Annapolis area. I can never do that breathtaking view justice and not kill myself or others as I drive. Someday, I will cross that bridge in the driver's seat and wow boy, just wait, LOL:) The other picture is a view of the basic landscape for the Eastern Shore of Merlin - FLAT! It was a lovely day and I made great time, despite some road construction in Easton.
When I arrived, it was dinner time, so after settling into my room and getting this computer plugged in and checking a few e-mails, I went to dinner with the "two Connies" - Connie D and Connie R - who work in my "residential county" representing children. One of my numerous daughters works for them and, in their unprompted, unsolicited opinions, she does well:) One of the hotel restaurants afforded a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean and dinner wasn't bad. I had a crab cake - have to do that when you're on Merlin's Eastern Shore - a really good salad and some crab soup. We hadn't really seen each other in a while, and we did a lot of catching up. By the time we were done, we were all pretty tired. I was glad to get to my room; the conference begins early enough in the morning and I want to at least try a short walk before getting ready.
Like any dutiful knitter, I brought at least two projects with me. Tonight I worked on that Daily
Sweater and I'm now at the "clickety click" phase as Mmes Shayne and Gardiner would describe it in their book - just perfect for long conference sessions. I'll just sit in the back and try to act natural - nah.... never happen!
I also enjoyed a somewhat guilty pleasure - no - not THAT!!! Good Lord, I forgot how to do THAT! (Besides, I'm here alone - ewwww) Nope - I watched MSNBC with Keith Olbermann and later Rachel Maddow's show. They are just too easy to watch, and we don't watch them much at home - John, bless his heart, balances the news shows between public TV and Fox. I give his Repub heart credit for that, but sometimes I need a liberal fix and I got one tonight:)
Well, I'm going to hit the proverbial, away from home, from family, but thankfully with a few friends and colleagues a phone call away, and with the crashing of the waves and the winds over the Atlantic lulling me to sleep. Hopefully I'll learn something tomorrow.
Until then, dear 2.5 readers, God be with you 'til we meet again!

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