Monday Monday:)

For some wonderful reason, I don't have a docket today, although I am on pins and needles waiting for the other shoe to drop about a child I know who may be in the system today (sigh). Obviously, I am not going to be involved in that case in a professional capacity - too close! Any more about that I cannot say; I'm just keeping my fingers crossed, and yes, shooting up not too few prayers for that situation!
I feel badly about not posting so much recently. Sometimes life just gets too interesting or too busy and you simply have to live it rather than write about it. It's the writing that helps one process after the fact, though. In another 20 minutes or so, I'm heading out the door for a client visit and then I will be back to get some paperwork done and with any luck will arrange some more visits to get ready for this week's slew of hearings.
When last I left you, dear 1.5 readers, I left you with a video of the Shayne/Gardiner duo singing, "Pardon me, I didn't Knit That for You," and the eternal questions it raised: Whatever will happen to that sweater in the closet meant for the Other Man? Whatever will happen to the other man? Can a relationship survive based upon knitting alone? (sacrilege!) Tune in next week for the next episode of "All My Yarns," or was it "As the Swift Turns"? Who knows... Ah life, so many questions, so few answers...!
Speaking of knitting, the recipient of the sweater really liked it and wore it one evening - it looks great on her, so it was time well spent. After that, I decided I wanted to knit myself a sweater, so I started the Daily Sweater top-down raglan by the aforementioned Shayne/Gardiner team (Mason Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines), and I also decided to start another Hemlock Ring Blanket - a pattern adapted by Jared Flood and in ravelry.

Anyway, since then life has been a steady admixture of visiting clients, going to court, going to meetings and classes Mon-Thurs. evenings, going home, knitting, eating, sleeping, with an occasional load of wash. So really, you would have run screaming into the internet void had I posted about all of that!
On Friday evening, I went to the movies with Nancy and Rennie and watched Bill Maher's Religulous. He makes a good point about organized religion, but doesn't really say anything all that different from any other atheist/agnostic I've known: religion is the cause of man's evil against man. I would argue that we don't know what lack of religion would have done, so I'm agnostic about that argument, if you will. But the movie was funny, and none of us got hit by that lightening bolt we were expecting, LOL!
Afterwards, we had coffee and sugar-free cheesecake nearby and talked about the movie. It's always an interesting conversation with Nancy and Rennie. Both of them have an interesting perspective and I'm probably the only weirdo who likes the same stuff they do (only kidding, really!).
Well, my client awaits me. Gotta go. More later. God bless (yes, please!!)

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