The sweater's not short - I'm just wiiiiide:)

Well, it's Holy Saturday.  In another hour, I'll be at St. John's for a night a bit more jolly than Good Friday - it's the Easter Vigil service - for you non Xians out there, sort of a "sneak peak" of Easter:)
Then tomorrow - oy - tomorrow will be two services ringing and singing and lunch with a group from the choir and then fixing a pork loin for our (late) family Sunday dinner.  Tonight when I get back from services, I'm going to give it all a head start by chopping veggies and dyeing Easter Eggs for the kids - grandkids:).
In about ten minutes, I've got to go upstairs and change (into a nice person, LOL) and get going. What, you may ask, have I done all day besides sleeping in late and putting two baskets of wash away?
I have spent the greater part of my afternoon listening to Kelley Petkun and her KnitPicks podcast.  She's good - she's really really good! Never have I spent an afternoon having more fun while whittling away at the miles of mindless ribbing and stockinette that is Mason-Dixon's Daily Sweater! (one of the interviews, BTW, to which I listened, was of the famous Ann Shayne and Kay Meador).  Kelley balances her podcast with bits about her life in general, of course something about KnitPicks yarns and products, and  lot of knitting know-how - it's worth the trip, folks.
Well, gotta go, until next time, GBWYTWMA!
The day has been cloudy and cold, but now, at past 6 PM, it's gotten sunny and spring-like! Merlin's weather, like that of most of the world, has gone strange.  But then, I like strange.


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