Catching up before bedtime!

Let's see, what has gone on since last we really met, dear 3.5 readers? Yesterday, my day was taken up with a meeting at a group home in the wilds of Anne Arundel County, Merlin.  It actually was a refreshing experience because I could see almost immediately that my client was doing so well there for a very simple reason: the staff gave her good, loving care.  Since we really were on the same page, we had a good meeting and came away with ideas that helped the client.   Ahhhh.  Lovely! Who says lawyers are only about strife and contested hearings? Oh, did I say that? Sorry! It was a hot, but beautiful sunshiney  - a day for which I was grateful!
Later, I got home, did some paperwork, and went to bell choir practice.  More people came this time, so we did have a good practice and got a lot done.  But before we started, I walked in on a wonderful rehearsal with Diane L and Drew C, one of the soprano and tenor soloists (respectively) for the Bach Cantata we're doing on 5/17.  It was such a treat.  Diane is truly a professional - a graduate of Peabody and a music teacher par excellence with a voice to match:) Drew has a wonderful tenor voice and his falsetto can get up there into the soprano range, LOL:) But he's definitely a man with the strength of a man's voice and lung power!  I couldn't help but applaud when they were done.  Even though Diane said they had so much work to do, it was such a treat to listen to them.  I love Bach.  I admit it - so shoot me, LOL!
Today was a very very quiet day on the work front.  I had to get some files and paperwork to the office, but that took practically no time at all.  Earlier this evening I finally went to a Sip N Knit at the Panera Bread at the Dobbin Center.  Everyone was abuzz about the Merlin Sheep and Wool Festival.  I did not go last year, but will probably go at least this coming Saturday after rehearsal for the Bach.  If not Saturday, then Sunday for a bit.  It's just so exciting; like the fair coming to town in the pre-TV days of our ancestors.  It's wonderful to see other fiber addicts like myself and I just don't feel so all alone (LOL!).  I won't have much cash to buy a lot o' stuff, but that's OK.  It's just so much fun to see all the activities. And this time I will probably be paying a lot of attention to the spinners:) and I don't mean stationary bike riders:)
John will be off Friday night, so he won't be exhausted watching the grandangels whilst I do the rehearsing of the Bach, so I won't feel too bad.  Were he to work Friday night, I'd cut the rehearsal as short as I can and get my toochas home so he could go to bed - and S&Wwould not be an option for saturday!
But now I don't feel bad going....
Yesterday's meeting and tonight's fun and frolic did net me a few more inches on the FLS for D as you can see here:

I've gotten some of the lace done, but I've got a LONG way to go, and that's Ohhhhh Kayyyy!
Well, it's very late and I have court in the morning for a wonderful client I am so proud to know.  Be back tomorrow, I hope.  Until then, God be with you 'til we meet again!

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