Crazy Wednesdays!

And this one will prove to be no different!
Today I have a mediation this afternoon, then two visits this evening and, if I'm a very good doo-bee and get my work done, I'm going knitting this evening!
Tomorrow is normally a court day, but I need to get out to visit a couple of clients in Western Merlin, so my wonderful colleague is covering the two hearings I have. My travels are going to take me to the furthest west county of Merlin and between those clients at the group home in Garrett County and another one in a foster home in Washington County, there is a lovely yarn shop in Allegany County. Did I tell you my vow to avoid yarn shops has an exception? And that is if I'm traveling:) Don't worry - I have no money anyway!The pictures indicate the way I spent the better part of last night into the wee hours of the morning (shame on me!)
Don't you just love the way this yarn shows stitch definition? I will be sorry to see this project finished, it's been such a joy to knit. But finish it I will.
I will be prepared for Christmas this year!:)
Well, I've got one more phone call to arrange a visit, then I'm off to hit the shower and get on the road!

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