OK so I couldn't resist!

Well, today has been a verrrry quiet day! It started with getting up late, some serious shoveling, and back to the computer looking at knitting, yarn, ideas for Christmas for hubby (as if I could ever fool him!) and just an overall lazy day.
But last night, I did get quite a bit of knitting done - or at least it felt like quite a bit for three hours' worth. That little bit 'o sleeve in the lower left of the picture is what I got done last night, which means I have some hope of finishing this thing before Christmas Eve - although my hope was to finish it by today! It's the Portland pattern by Lisa Lloyd from the book, A Fine Fleece (Amazon.com link) reviewed here previously. I have made two changes to the pattern: First, I inserted a "St. John's Cross" pattern between the upper shoulders on the back to personalize the sweater for its recipient; and second, I decided to make it a cardigan rather than a pullover, which will require a button band (or actually an i-cord band with i-cord loops instead of buttonholes, I think). I'm thinking the sweater will be used to keep the recipient warm in a rather cold office with precarious heat. When things warm up, it's a lot easier to take a cardigan off than a pullover - at least it is for me, LOL:). The good news is, the recipient will never see this, but for those of you out there who know for whom this is, please don't spill the beans! And that means you, Diane, LOL!:)
A couple of weeks ago, I decided to get a bunch of patterns from the Twist Collective and some scarf/shawl patterns that I've had my eye on for a long time by Sunday Holm and Anne Hanson, respectively. I am so determined to do these things, that I put them up as projects on Ravelry, even though I haven't started them yet. Of course, before I do start them, I have to finish S's neck warmer/cowl thingie, her Buttony, another sweater on the needles about 1/2 done for D, and a couple of sweaters for myself that are fairly close to finishing! So, it may be February or so before I start them. (NOTE, I said START:))
Not one to be without reading material for the weekend, I have been happily perusing
the Winter 2009 Interweave Knits, the Fall 2009 Verena, and Fall/Winter 2009 Debbie Bliss magazines. Yes, I know, I should be reading other things, too, and I am. But this is what I call fun reading:) Not mindless, but fun! I think the cover pattern - Nora's Sweater by Pamela Powers intrigues me the most in the Interweave Knits, although there a quite a number of beautiful sweaters in there. Another one I really like is the Connie Change Chinchio's Alpaca Pleats Jacket. Alma's scarf a beautiful piece by Mareike Sattler. Although Nora's Sweater is complex with its pleating in the back and cabling at unusual angles, overall the sweater has very simple flowing lines. Similarly, the Pleats Jacket, a short-sleeved, short sweater, uses pleating and eyelet patterns along the front edges of this cardigan in a creative and elegant manner. Again, this sweater is a simple overall design, but the small details give it class - and excellent choice for a warmer weather work jacket. The scarf, too, is a very simple long and wide rectangle with patterning about 1/4 of the way in on each end. The secret to that pattern is the yarn.
As with Interweave, I found myself drawn to a pattern on the cover of the Fall 2009 Verena (I am a sucker for aran sweaters) and a simpler pattern in a t-shirt style. The Aran cardi - called Giselle attributed to the Verena Design Team, has the wide ribbed button bands in front that you see in a lot of patterns this year and very large, yet simple cable patterns in the front and on the sleeves. The short-sleeved Diamond Pullover, also by the Verena Design Team, is simple and I believe would be flattering as part of a casual outfit or worn with work clothes. The large rolled collar and the stitch pattern add some lovely elements to what would otherwise be a very plain Jane t-shirt.
Of course, it doesn't hurt that this particular "t-shirt" is supposed to be knit up in cashmere! Verena, too, has quite a number of lovely patterns, for men, women and children.

Debbie Bliss never disappoints either! There are a number of lovely patterns in this issue, but I really like this vintage style, but color-modernized 1940s Style Sweater. It is so cute! Just look at that Peter Pan collar!
Well, dear 2.4 readers, I am going to have to go get dinner ready for the two or three who are home this evening and then finish writing those Christmas cards so I can mail them out tomorrow! Be back as soon as I can, and until then, God be with you 'til we meet again!


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