And the beat goes on and on...:)

But in a good way:)! I am enjoying the knitting for this Honeybaby blanket.  I bought the pattern directly from Anne Hanson's Knitspot website many moons ago when I was on hyper alert for all things lacey and pretty and before she became the yarn and design maven she is today. Sadly, I never really had the opportunity until now to actually knit it.  I am not knitting it in any of Anne's yarns because this is for a Floridian baby and it will never be cold enough to need wool.  However, I will say that if I ever have the chance to knit something in any of her beautiful wools, I will.  My brief experience in her booth at Maryland Sheep and Wool this May certainly convinced me of that!

 I am a bit antsy, because I am supposed to have it finished a week from Monday (9 days from now) and am still in the first quarter.  I did not have as much knitting time this week as I would have liked, but today will probably get a good 4-6 hours worth in, because it's a Saturday and I didn't schedule anything. Fingers crossed:)!

'Til next time, God be with you 'til we meet again+
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