I love nancy

Have you ever seen a really truly good person in action? I did tonight. At bell prax, we were all standing around while our director, Nancy, handed out new (Easter/Lent) music. Stupid me - I started talking about news cameras at the courthouse today (had to file something and today was the deadline). The trial they were covering was about these horrors disguised as human beings who starved one of their children to death. These were not people who couldn't afford food - in fact they had other children they were feeding quite well, thank you. The father says he was hardly ever home - the wife did it - she's crazy. So what's his excuse - he's evil? You would think he'd notice even more after an extended absence that something was amiss.
Anyway our conversation up in the choir loft went on like this for a few minutes. And then I noticed that Indigo (who plays bells right next to me) was now Halo. And I knew I had just done it! I felt so bad raising the very same abuse this dear friend had suffered so many years ago. I took Halo's hand and told him he was safe here. Believe me when I tell you, dear readers, that I felt terrible.
Nancy knows the situation - far better than I do, since she's known Indigo for a long long time and she has been their friend and has cared for them as only a true friend can. When someone walked into the church downstairs, Nancy went running down to see who it was and I whispered to Indigo/Halo - "please do down with her," as I figured a strong young man running next to her would put any intruder off. It turned out it was just a couple members of the clergy depositing funds into the safe from a pancake dinner they had tonight for Mardi Gras. But I noticed upon their return to the choir loft that Indigo was back, doing better. Of course he was - he put his paralyzing fear aside to be sure our dear friend was safe. Talk about a miracle!
Later, Nancy - with a big grin on her face - told me she could tell this was happening - saying she figured a good run would help him.
God, I love that woman!
Not much new to report dear readers - just finished watching the new Prez address Congress. What a treat - I'm still pinching myself!
Knitting? Not so much these last few days - just plugging away at the 3.5 M projects I've begun already, LOL:)
Back again soon. Until then, well, you know the drill...GBWYTWMA

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