Back in the harness....

Well not at the moment.  It is a holiday weekend and the courts are closed.  But I did visit nine clients yesterday, so I guess it counts as having worked, since it did take me darn near all day.   I love the road in the picture above.  It's Hillside Drive in Baltimore County, Merlin, just outside of Bawlmer City in the country-ish part of the suburbs. I love this road because summer or winter, you have this long ride down the middle of a suburban wood and the trees create a canopy over you. On a cloudy afternoon like this past Friday, the hues of the verdant woods are so much more vibrant.  The Beltway had slowed down to a parking lot (accident possibly), so I took my favorite back road to the Towson courthouse. Some of my happiest times are spent listening to JS Bach (remember, he's my true boyfriend, just don't tell Mrs. B) and driving down this road - although I have to admit, the happiest moments are when I am traveling in the other direction because I'm done for the day:).

So after two weeks off to care for John, I am back at work.  Unfortunately, he is still slowly but surely recuperating from his surgery.  He wants to be better yesterday so that when he's due back to work early July, he'll be ready. I swear he worries too much!  It doesn't help that our lease is up and we might need to move.  Of course it is. Why not? Sigh...

My first day really back on the job (the odd client visit or two doesn't count) was strangely enough, exhausting! It wasn't like I had been lying around the house these past two weeks eating bonbons! I think it was the result of a lot of interrupted sleep.  Once that got better, the tiredness did too. 

The weather here in Merlin (which is a state in which the people are known for beyotching about the weather and generally have little basis upon which to do so) has been outstanding if a bit chilly for May.  Not that I'm complaining! Sheep and Wool in 2010 was in the 90s and we can't pay the Knitmore Girls to come back, LOL:).
Speaking of the Sheep and Wool Festival (May 4th and 5th), because there was so much going on - I was providing some of the music for my church's Women's Retreat that Saturday and Sunday was, well, Sunday, and John's surgery was the following Wednesday, I didn't do a heck of a lot this year.  But I did do some;) On Friday evening, I was able to have a lovely supper with the group and brought along my knitting.  It was FREEZING out! (Hear that Jasmine and Gigi??LOL:)) but we had a great time.  Missing Saturday was tough, but I will say that the retreat was the best yet. Sunday after church, I volunteered at the Columbia Sip 'N Knit's table.  Funded by a number of local yarn shops and suppliers, we provide water, lemonade and cookies for the weary knitter, weaver, spinner, crocheter, sheep breeder, you name it, as they come in and leave by the front entryway to the fairgrounds. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of that from this year, but it was truly nice and much appreciated by the tired participants:)  It was great to touch base with fellow fiber fanatics and - a LOVELY surprise - a visit by a colleague - Abby - and her wife, Patty! I "knew" Patty from the blogosphere and later from Ravelry and Facebook, but we had never met face to face, so this was really really nice:).

 I didn't buy much yarn, since I have a stash that puts me to shame, but a few skeins never hurt anyone:) (shhhhhhhhhhh)

And I plan on putting those few skeins to some good use, believe you me:)  I mean, in the interim, Brooklyn Tweed just came out with another Wool People.  I take that as a sign. Don't disillusion me.

Well, boys and girls, right now it's a Sunday evening.  The sun is still out.  It's about 65 degrees Fahrenheit here in old Ellicott and the house is quiet, which is unusual for a Sunday.  And it's a mess  - decidedly NOT unusual.  The grown kids with progeny are coming over tomorrow for dinner and we'll do our Memorial Day then. Today is a very quiet day.  Our two youngest are home for the weekend to celebrate our J's birthday - she's 27   - which makes me... old. And that's Oh Kay.  Her sister, S, made the beautiful cake you see above, although she swears it was a pain in the toochas to make and she will NEVER make one again.  So much for the rainbow cake for B and R's wedding! (KIDDING, seriously, I'm KIDDING!! That was in case any of my kids read this thing which is extremely doubtful!) 
Musical things are on hold now for the summer with a few exceptions.  I might be playing flute for a few services with the instrumental ensemble or sing or something, but my evenings are freer for the most part. That's OK - makes me appreciate it that much more when things kick up again.  Although this year was a bit scary for reasons stated in a previous post.

On the knitting front, I'm not doing much new, although there are a gazillion things I'd love to be doing, like perhaps doing the TKGA Master Knitter program, designing a few more shawls, sweaters, maybe knitting a skirt, doing more spinning on the hand spindle.  Perhaps that's what summer will bring.  We shall see. I have made progress on Renee Leverington's Spring Mystery Shawl - am actually at Clue 3 of 5.  This is a big deal for me.  As I said before, the first one I knit of hers took me six years to actually finish, LOL!:)  I've also made a little bit more progress on the Norwegian Rose Jacket.  Once I got the patterns set up, it's been a bit clearer sailing. The picture doesn't really show it - you'll just have to trust me for a while!

 I found this nifty little app on iTunes called Instaplace - it's Instagram with captions. So while doing my visits on a beautiful day while all my friends were out being productive in other ways, I had to capture the beauty of the skies over Bawlmer:) It looks like a postcard, doesn't it? 

Well, I'd better clean up - or maybe take a little walk with John to the mailbox.  It'll help him and who am I kidding? I need the exercise, too!

Well, friends, God be with you 'til we meet again+

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