Cloudy, 100 percent chance of who knows what....

It's still cold and cloudy here in Merlin.  I am sitting at my desk, trying for the last time to get a laptop to work - one my dear daughter gave me when she bought her newer one a thousand years ago. I think I may have to let it go.  So... what you see here is a keyboard and Kindle.  So far it's working fine.
I am catching up on emails and calls both personal and professional and stressed out more about the personal ones.  The divorce and custody battle is getting ugly and I am sad beyond belief. Let's hope the judge is a fair one without any mental health problems. (OK, maybe that was asking too much, LOL). I won't be saying much more here. Just want my grandkids to be OK and see both parents without a lot of drama and trauma.
 Yesterday, John was cleaning out a part of the basement to bring up a table for the grandkids to use in the playroom for drawing/eating, etc. and found a box of photos.  I put them into a collage.  Not everything came out too well, but I cannot believe how fast life has gone by. I shared it on facebook, and thought I might do it here, too.
Since last I wrote, dear reader, life has happened.  Nothing really earth-shattering, just day-to-day life.  Last weekend, the choir sang at a service for the women's retreat.  Nancy and I went to the entire retreat.  It was a lot of fun, but thankfully not too long, either! We are getting ready for Holy Week and Easter.  The music is truly beautiful - I think the music for this part of the Xian calendar is really the best and most meaningful, hence the most beautiful.  
On the work front, we are losing one of our attorneys who will be joining a national child advocacy group in DC.  Well done, Priya:)!
We will miss her great advocacy for kids here in Merlin, but KIND is getting a great leader.  Speaking of work, the Young Lawyers Section of the Merlin State Bar had their annual fundraising dinner in Bawlmer this past Friday and gave our firm the "Firm of the Year" award for child advocacy.  It was wonderful seeing everyone enjoying themselves.  What an honor!

Yes, some knitting has been going on - usually at night while watching the boob tube.  I FINALLY finished a cowl that started out as a scarf about 5 years ago, LOL:).  It was done in time to wear to the party Friday night.  Funny how just a wee bit of wool can really keep you nice and warm when it's cold and dreary outside (on the first day of spring, no less).

I started my first pair of Fish Lips Kiss heel socks. It wasn't that hard to do.  Have all but finished the first sock.  To avoid that dreaded second sock syndrome, I have another pair on the needles and have started the second one on that pair. Just "vanilla" socks with self-striping yarn. Also,    just for fun I started a Lace shawl KAL with some pretty yarn in autumnal colors. 
This Nordic Cowl by Wendy Johnson is still underway.  I'm getting there, inch by inch.  If I don't have it done before the spring and summer heat hit, now worries, I'll have it to enjoy next winter.
The Ommegang is actually further along than this picture would indicate, but I haven't had a chance to photograph my progress.  Right now it's a matter of continuing on with the patterning and knitting to the armholes. Cannot wait to see how that develops - the designer has you join the sleeves and start knitting in the round.  Cannot wait!                                                        
 Remember this guy? Well, Dan visited the other day and he lent me his arm for a few minutes.  The sleeve is NOT too wide, but it is decidedly too short.  Four more inches at least before this is finished. Good to know my gauge is correct.
Today I have a meeting and a client visit later in the day, so I'd better get going - lunch hour is over, back to work!
Hope life is treating you well and until next time, God be with you 'til we meet again+
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