Waiting for my day to begin...

When I heard that the courthouse was closed, I thought - nah, can't be - I have a hearing this morning.  I have to be out the door in  ten minutes. But the most bizarre thing happened - apparently there was an underground fire, which caused a watermain break which has left quite a large chunk of Baltimore County, Merlin with a  dwindling supply of water. This, in turn, led to the closings of a number of offices, businesses, schools and - you guessed it - the courthouse! This is the second time in about 7 years that a watermain break has caused the courthouse to close and that is weird.

You'd think I'd be overjoyed to have a "day off," but all it means is that work is put off for another day - and this particular piece of work was tough to schedule. More importantly, the children impacted by this case are in limbo for that much longer.  But, waddya gonna do?

There are no clients I can visit right now - they are all in school.  I have a meeting at 3 today, a visit at 5 and EfM tonight, so I am in a holding pattern for now. But that's OK, I can return calls, do some paperwork (there's always that) and take my knitting with me. Hey, at least I'll be staying (relatively) out of trouble!

It is unseasonably hot here in Merlin, so I will be happy to wait until the afternoon blaze cools down to start hitting the road.
In the meantime, for you knitters out there, I have this yarn I have collected bit by bit.  Yes, I know, the LYS's will tell you that you should always buy enough yarn for your project and then some,  but I cannot always afford to do that.  There is this yarn I bought a while back - just a few skeins - of Elsebeth Lavold's Hempathy.  And I did buy it a couple of skeins at a time.  Now I have a total of 10 skeins plus a little bit (the little bit is the remainder of a stripe or two contained in a sweater I knit in 2007).  Also included in this happy little pile are whole and partial skeins of linen yarn in light green and blue.  I suspect these would all look very good together in a nice something to knit for the summer.  The total yardage of these DK weight yarns is about 1800 - I'm thinking enough for a short-sleeved something.  Any suggestions?
And of course, what to do with these little darlings:
What a delicious quandary to be in!
Well, I'd better get back to work so I can sound at least reasonably intelligent at EfM tonight -can't wait to get back to that.  It's a wonderful group of people and I learn SO much from each of them. I only hope I can give back a fraction of what they give me. 
Well, dear 3.5, God be with you 'til we meet again!

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