Holy Time, Batman!

OK, so I'm not great at thinking of eye-catching blogpost titles.  Today has been a quiet day, chillin' out, and knitting, relaxing in anticipation of the Easter Marathon and Obstacle Course that will be starting in about one hour:) 
Backing up a couple of days, Thursday was a busy day at court and then a meeting that lasted until 5:30.  I had to rush to be at church in time for the Maundy Thursday service.  It's the only time all year we sing the music from Taize' - an ecumenical Christian community in France.  The music is simple and lovely and highly repetitive, given the kinds of things that happen like the footwashing and communion receiving and the stripping of the altar, but you don't mind the repetition because the music is really rather nice four-part harmony. We had a rehearsal immediately following the service, but by then I was done in, so I went home.  I stayed up way too late and then realized I had to drive JoAnna to the airport in the EXTREMELY early hours of  the morning (well, extreme for me).  I ended up dozing on and off and finally after I got home from that, slept for about an hour.
Then it was time to get up - I had agreed to babysit Mads and Ruby while their mom went to an exercise class.  We had a nice little visit.  When D got back, I was off to lunch with Connie - I'm covering two hearings for her in my home county on Monday (which is terrific because it's literally a five-minute drive from home:)!) It was Connie's birthday, so it was nice to chat with her and catch up - I found out Ellen is coming home today after two months of recuperation from two open-heart surgeries!! Yippee!
I spent the rest of the afternoon knitting and then getting ready for the Good Friday Stations of the Cross at which the Choir was singing. It was a relatively quiet and thoughtul service and very moving.
After two nights of little sleep, I was ready for bed - and slept in until 10 this morning! 
The rest of the day has been spent working on the EZ Green Sweater.  You can see the first is the "pre-steek" view and the next two pictures are "post-steek."  The close-up is of the Dolman Sleeve.  I really like how EZ's shaping is, well, shaping up:).  John is working both tonight and Easter night - unusual for him.  He's probably working for someone who needs to spend time with his or her kids, bless his heart.  We are planning on having the gang over tomorrow -except the aforesaid JoAnna who is spending this weekend in Chicago with her high school friend, Victoria. 
But before we have dinner tomorrow, a bunch of us from choir and bell choir are sharing an Easter brunch with Nancy.  Easter also happens to be her birthday.  Her son and daughter-in-law from Ohio will be there as will her husband.  K, S and baby Johnny along with S's mom will be attending the second service and coming along to the brunch.  It'll be nice and I'm looking forward to it.
Whatever spiritual path your conscience takes you, dear 3.5, I wish you the best and the closest walk to that which you view as best.  For those of you who celebrate the sacred mystery that is the Resurrection, I bid you a Blessed and Happy Easter. 
God be with you 'til we meet again.


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