Vacation Part Deux

When last I left you, dear 3.5 readers, our intrepid band of pioneers was getting ready to venture into the wilds just north of Miami Beach, Florida.  We checked our bags at the hotel for safekeeping and made our trek from Ft. Lauderdale to just north of Miami where Jungle Island and its inhabitants awaited us. 
We enjoyed our sojourn there and left to visit some of the ritzy parts of Miami Beach.  It was there that Madison and Ruby, and John and I stopped by a corner ice cream shop and relaxed for a while as their Mom and Dad visited some of the more famous haunts of Miami Beach.
That being done, we were soon on our way back to Ft. Lauderdale to pick up our luggage, then to the airport to return the rental chariot and then on to our flight back to BWI. In 2.5 short hours we were back on Merlin soil unpacking.
As I crossed the threshhold, I came upon this little beauty that had arrived in my absence:
I had totally forgotten I ordered it from Colin's  (Knitman's) Kitchen last week before I left! What a great surprise! I didn't get a chance to open it until I arrived home this afternoon after the conference (see below).  I haven't received anything except e-mails from the other side of the pond since I had a pen pal in junior high, so this was "way cool!"
The yarn is a lovely pale, silver gray, probably sock or fingering weight - a bit more substantial than laceweight, thank goodness! It should knit up into something lovely! Thanks Colin!

Thanks to two continuance requests I had no court today - but not for vacation.  Rather, we had a continuing legal education conference we in the firm had to attend.  So, although I had no court, and I was still in vacation mode, I was actually working today:)!
Our keynote speaker was Victoria Rowell.  A foster child who became a dancer and professional actress, Ms. Rowell has written a book called, The Women Who Raised Me. Her speech was very moving and of course made us realize how deep the wounds our clients carry.  Of course I bought her book, but I couldn't get within a mile of her to sign it - the line was around the room!
I learned about the origins of Reactive Attachment Disorder and its treatment and came away with a new appreciation of the good work of caring professionals.  Our final speaker was a woman named Emily  - ironically with the last name of Ballance - a licensed professional counselor from North Carolina with a terrific sense of humor.  One of the more adventurous members of the firm was enticed to participate in a rather interesting exercise at the end of the program.
And with that the professional aspect of my week ended! 
As I write this, it is Friday evening, and I am getting ready to pour myself another glass of wine, do a little knitting and veg in front of the TV.  Friends of mine from church who are originally from the UK were thankfully able to fly Wednesday to go visit with their families.  Enjoy friends!
This old lady is glad to be back home - wherever that is!
God be with you 'til we meet again!
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