Thanks to GailR:)

Well, I've been tagged again:) You all know we pretend to hate it, but c'mon it's another way to share our likes and dislikes with our little web community, LOL!
Here's what I'm supposed to do:
1. Put the logo on your blog: DONE!
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you - I have a link on the side bar to Gail and now it's here, also:)
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs
Wow - just seven? This is tough:
OK, I just mentioned Gail's blog, so that one doesn't count toward the seven, but I will tell you that Gail is a gentle soul who loves her family dearly. Two of her grandchildren, like one of mine, have been diagnosed with autism and she has been a wonderful support and encouragement to me as I am beginning to negotiate those waters!
1. This blog I just started reading today, although I should have started a couple of weeks ago when the Lambeth Conference started. It's Bishop Gene Robinson's blog - he's the first openly gay man to be consecrated a Bishop in the US- He's from New Hampshire. I've heard him speak before - he's quite a compelling speaker and not one to be ignored by those of us who identify as Xian. His blog's title is Canterbury Tales from the Fringe. For many reasons - most of them I believe to be political - he was not invited (or was he "uninvited"?) to the Conference, but he is reporting as an observer. For you knitters out there, sorry, I don't think he's a knitter. I'm also on the lookout for the blogs of Merlin's new Episcopal Bishop and the other Bishops from Merlin. When I find them, I will link them in the sidebar.
2. Here's another blog- Soul Collage and Sisters - one of the contributors is LynnZ from the Columbia Sip 'N Knit (whence I came a couple of hours ago). She and her sister, Risa, have learned and are now teaching others to use the technique of collage to express the workings of the inner soul. I do not even pretend to understand the entire concept, but I believe it was something that began with terminally ill people attempting to express that part of themselves not touched by illness - the part they see as eternal perhaps. It seems a great idea for finding those things spiritual that unite us and I find it fascinating.
3. I've mentioned him before, but I really think that Colin's blog is truly interesting. He's a fine person who happens to have had a terribly rough childhood. Reading what he has to say about his struggles informs the work I do. I try to keep it real (for want of a better way of putting it) and Colin does just that. PLUS - he's a knitter and a terrific one at that. He also raises and shows Lhasa Apsos (hope I spelled that correctly) and is (I think) a medium - with a healthy wicked sense of humor. All of this makes for great reading. The photography is often quite good on his blog - and he has the funny habit of naming his sock patterns after handsome leading men or athletes:)
4. Annie Modesitt is a bit younger than I am (gee, ya think - maybe like 10 years?) She's sorta kinda from my neck of the woods, but is now living in Minnesota with her husband and two kids - and her husband is battling a terrible form of cancer (I think NIH is still looking for a delightful form of cancer, but you get the idea). You knitters out there know Annie from her knitting books, techniques and designs. I like to check in on her blog from time to time.
5. I love knitting blogs where there are lots of beautiful pictures of knitting - like Janet Szabo's blog, Musings on the Art of the Cable and her beautiful Aran work (I have all of her books and subscribe to her newsletter Twists and Turns - very worth it on all counts!) and
6. Knitting in Color where colorwork looks complex and beautiful but within arm's reach. There are so many blogs out there - it's hard to cut this list down to seven, but to finish off the list, I'd have to say I really enjoy
7. Stranded on Fair Isle - not the exploits of a woman who has moved with her family to Fair Isle and is now a crofter (farmer) (as Marina pointed out, that would be, which is now defunct), but a woman who has the totally amazing goal of knitting fifty fair isle sweaters by the time she turns fifty - which is even better detailed on her "Fifty by Fifty"blog which you can find by clicking on her profile in blogger(of course she knits! beautifully!). Marina, please accept my apologies!
If you want to see more of the blogs I enjoy reading, they are listed in the side bar:)
4 Add links to those blogs on yours DONE!
5 Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs I'm sorry - I did leave a message at Janet's and Stranded's but there was no place to leave a comment with the Bishop (THANK GOD!!!) and it just got too embarassing. I guess the MEME police will have to arrest me.
Good night:)
PS Knitting was fun tonight. It's very late, but I think I'm going to wind me some of the hanks I have in stash.

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