Ruby and Madison Tuesday

John is off work and the grandgirls are here to give their other grandparents a break from their usual babysitting duties - and to fill in the gaps before daycare and before and after schoolcare start. It's cloudy here in central Merlin and the forecast is calling for the usual summer thunderstorm, so I don't guess a walk around the lake is in the cards today. That's OK, I will get a couple of visits in this afternoon, provided no shelter hearings turn up in Connie's jurisdiction (I'm on call for her so she can visit with her nephew who's just lost his mother and grandmother in the same month, poor baby.) So far, it doesn't look like there are any pending shelter hearings in either of our counties, so it looks like I'm getting to the office and getting some visits in.
Last night I get into the "zone," knitting until 4 a.m., beginning the sleeves on the Chinese Lace Pullover. I'm knitting them the old-fashioned way - flat and one at a time. There just isn't enough real room to do two at once (long story) and the pattern is really hard to lose track of, so it's unlikely the sleeves will evolve into different lengths. I also did not do the sleeve in the round in magic loop because it just didn't turn out well when I tried it. It's a pain going backwards and forwards to follow the chart, but it's not that tough and most of the pattern after the lace section is a big fat rib, so no problem. I'll have some more pics when I'm done. The good news is, the recipient never reads my blog, so a picture won't spoil the surprise.
I decided to turn the Saguaro Socks into the Saguaro Fingerless Mitts - and I'll have my modifications written up and will send them to Joanna for her use (since it is her pattern!) and it will be her choice if she prefers to post it or have me do so. But let me finish them first and see if they are worthy of the name, LOL:)
After my long night, and short sleep, I was up at 7:30 (not great, but thankfully, I have a fairly flexible day today). John had a dr's appointment, so I had childcare detail until he got back. Both of the grandgirls are really cool. I don't think Mads is feeling well - perhaps she is tired - but she is a bit withdrawn and hungrier than usual. (Guess the hunger is a signal of tired vs. ill?) Ruby is the pistol she usually is! Eats like a bird and only peanut butter and juice. Dori, their mom, is asleep upstairs in Betsy's bed after an overnight shift at the 911 center. Donald, their dad, has a full day of work. I'm so glad we all live nearby. It makes me realize how much we missed when our kids were this age and there was no family around. The fact that the sibs are so close really contributes to this.
Oh, I almost forgot to post about Danny's play in DC. The Forum Theatre is playing Peter Weiss' play Marat/Sade or the full title: The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade. Doesn't that just sound fun for the whole family? I remember studying this "play within a play" when I studied German at Middlebury, but for the life of me could not remember much from it. The English was easier to understand, from the Narrator/Jester/musician rhyming in the style of Shakespeare's couplets, to the feverish, frenetic ramblings of the paranoid schizophrenic playing the part of Jean-Paul Marat (that extremely complex role being played by our son, Danny Gavigan). The director of the Asylum, another real historical character, named Coulmier, offered a counterpoint of ironic political satire in the form of soothing remonstrances to calm the patients, reminders that things were different since the French Revolution/Reign of Terror and threats to close the play, as he leads the audience to their seats. Steve Beall, a former member of our choir, played this role - and he did so admirably, never breaking character, though he clearly knew Nancy and Rennie who had come with us (bless their hearts!) to the wilds of Northeast DC.
Well, it finally happened: the moment every mother of an actor dreads. Danny had one scene in which he is pulled from his bath, emulating birth. Of course one isn't dressed when one is born and this scene was no exception. Thankfully, he was on his tummy and there was another actor caged to the side who could quickly distract our attention with his wild political rantings (a straitjacketed man whose first spoken line in the play ironically began with "Liberty!" I just wish he'd warned me, but it really wasn't anywhere near as traumatic as I thought it would be. Of course, Nancy thought it was hilarious. Thanks, pal:)
The Washington Post was not that exuberant in its initial review of the play, but other papers seemed to appreciate it - and Dan's and Steve's performances - more and more. In my humble and unprofessional opinion, it was one of the most challenging roles Dan has had. I believe he rose to the challenge well, as did Steve. This was not an easy play. The actor has two real roles: that of the mental patient and the part he is playing in the asylum's play.
We went out to dinner afterwards at Clyde's and we had a very pleasant time, dropping Nancy and Rennie off at their home and finally getting our own selves home by around 2:30 in the morning. But we don't do that often and it was well worth it. Besides, none of us had to be up at any particular time the next morning, so no harm done.
Sunday was the late service and home to get ready for S's birthday. I talked her into Chinese food, since she's a vegetarian. Danny and Casie came and joined us later, bringing their own order with them. Then it was the obligatory poker game. John had to work and hit the sack for a nap before his last overnight. I took the couch in the playroom/dining room to do some knitting. Both of us heard the conversations, filled with laughter, about the time K and D "ran away" in their brand new Doc Martens after they were told they couldn't go out. How J and her friend E were playing in the back yard and couldn't understand the concept, while Dan, S and B freaked out as John and I waited it out (and virtually killed them later - it's a miracle they live to talk about it now, LOL!)
Yesterday was a visit, a court appearance an almost walk that never materialized and some real communication. Not bad for a routine kind of day.
Let's hope today has some real meaning too:)

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