Happy Blogiversary Happy Blogiversary Happy Blogiversary Happy Blogiversary

Or at least I think it's been about four years since I started this process a while back at live journal where I was musikmysterium - and then on to Blogger and duplicated at wordpress. In fact, I think the wordpress blog has all the entries from this blog that were deleted (except one or two I had intended to delete anyway), and the livejournal blog, in addition to the few entries when I was solely posting on Wordpress, so if you want to see my sordid past from August of '04 to the present (rah!), that's the place to go. But if you do go there, you know that means you have no life!
I have been toying with the idea of boring a larger audience with a podcast. I've gotten the recording software from mypodcast.com and taken the first steps, but I'm going to have to plan things out before I put my voice out there. We shall see... who knows?
I wanted to write a little update to that post (during what I refer to as the interregnum between blogs) at wordpress, in which I described a dream I was having. I'd like to give you (or actually record it for me) an interpretation of that dream - not exactly Freudian, but I believe possibly valid - again...who knows?
I think the "elderly" woman in the dream was really a younger woman in disguise - hence the twinkle in her eyes when she calls herself a "grandmother." I think she really represents my mother and let me tell you why. One of my younger brothers once described a dream he had when he was about 5 years old in which a lady floated up from the ground and came to him. She was fun, playful and full of joy. They spent some time together and had a lot of fun. Then it was time for her to go. He asked if he could go with her. Her response was laughter, and something like "oh nooooo - not for a long long time!" And off she went. His description of her was very similar to the way our mom looked shortly before she died. She was very young - only 27 - and had frosted her hair with a lot of blond, though she was a brunette - but hey, it was 1962 and it was the cool thing to do as it is now.
I used to joke about that dream with him, saying, I wonder why I never got any cool visits like that (boy, isn't that a typical sibling thing, LOL?). Well, here it is, 42 years later and I get a visit, LOL! I think the bearded man in the picture (whom I only saw from the side and whom she seemed to regard with affection) was my Dad - not there yet - he's still alive and yes, he has a beard.
Now here's the thing: Does this mean I believe in visits from the beyond? I don't know. It could be that my subconscious was delivering to me the desire of my heart. Sure I'd like to know that's what it meant, but I'll have to settle for some happy thoughts, hope and faith for now. Someday I'll either know for sure or it won't matter. My gut tells me there was something real about it all. But there are some who would send me off for a psych eval on the basis of what I've written here. Of course, there are FAR more plausible reasons than this blog post to do that in my case:)
In the meantime, we have received our first clue/hint (first 61 rows or so) for the Secret of the Stole - III. Here are pics- suspiciously like the swatch, LOL! I'm about to start row 39. I think.

Well, tomorrow I hope to make it to church (have been extremely lazy - also hoping to get to a service at the National Cathedral to see what it's like, but it depends...). I have to see at least three clients and we are having a dinner celebration for B's birthday tomorrow evening, so it will be a full day:)
Good night+

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