Well, I guess that first post wasn't meant to be.

I was writing about my day, visiting three teenage clients who really needed some time and attention from me, two of which were 2/3 of a triplet trio all living for the time being in different placements. How I got an earful about foster homes and wondered how to really really listen to kids to be able to keep them safe. How Colin's blog taught me how the relationship between parent and child endures, even if it's toxic. And, most sadly, how that relationship causes kids to think their situation is their fault. And that makes me want to cry! If we would only LISTEN to these kids, they'd have so much to say to us. But they are so used to people not listening, not believing, patting them on their heads and saying (if only figuratively), "there, there, we know what's best for you." To coin a phrase my dear daughter S says, "I call BULLSHIT on that!" I left those visits vowing to listen to each and every one of my clients no matter what. And to fight for them, whatever the odds.
Sometimes one needs a day like today to open one's eyes. And not just once!
But unfortunately, I hit the wrong button and my post was deleted, so you, dear 1.5 readers, are stuck with this post instead. Lucky you, LOL!
I missed my knitting meetup tonight. Oh well. I had a terrific time this morning and afternoon, talking to some great kids, so all was not lost.
Tomorrow a.m. is court, then two meetings. Hard to believe a week has passed so quickly. That's OK, I'll be thrilled to see September too:)
Last night, I decided to do a second swatch for the SOTS-III (Secret of the Stole III) on the actual yarn I'm going to use with needles one size up - KnitPicks Pallette with size three KnitPicks Harmony circular needles. I also decided to do the beading using a crochet hook to string the bead directly onto the loop to be knitted. The presentation of the beads, the drape of the pattern and increased laciness convinced me that this combination is a good one -although the designer does suggest a lighter, more pastel yarn. I like it nonetheless. You be the judge:

As you can see, the yarn is a little greener than anticipated, and darker. However, I still like it, especially with the more pastel-looking beads. Works for me. I don't know who the recipient is going to be, I'll have to think about who it is who would appreciate a wrap like this- and for whom the color(s) would work. I want to decide as I'm making it, so that person can be in my thoughts and help me to picture how it should look. Hey, worst case scenario it'll be for me. Now that would be too weird!
OK, I'm kind of wiped out, so I'll end here. Tomorrow's a busy day. Good night+

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