Decisions Decisions!

Remember when last I left you, dear 2.5 readers, I was not 100 percent sure of the colors I had chosen for the Birkin I want to do in the (hopefully) near future? Well, yeah... those colors were lovely, but a wee bit too brilliant and clear for my faded colors. So I toned it down a bit. I went through my shetland and other fingering weight wool to see what I could find -- and settled on this:

I will be blending/fading a few of the colors to get the softer look I am seeking.  I think it will turn out fine, especially with the pretty cream color BC Garn Bio Shetland at the top of the picture to lighten it up a bit.  And there are just enough warm colors to balance out the cooler tones I can wear.

This yarn is fast becoming one of my favorite, relatively inexpensive "workhorse" yarns.  I found a beautiful color at WEBs today and got a few skeins to supplement what I already have in stash to make a kit for a Virgil pullover. (Yes, yet another pattern by Caitlyn Hunter:)!) The icy blue color just called out to me. In fact, the colorway is appropriately called"Iced." I will be adding as my two contrast colors a skein of Brooklyn Tweed Loft in Long Johns and another skein of Battenkill Fibers fingering Shetland wool in a natural cream color.  So many projects, so little time:)!

Since last weekend I've only done a small bit of work on the Rhapsody in Cables, hope to have more to show by tomorrow or the next day.  

I finally made a decision on what to do about choir and church and all that business - at least for now.  On what at the time seemed to be a whim, I sent an email to the music director for the Cathedral of the Incarnation in Bawlmer, our Cathedral.  I've posted in the past about St. J's choir singing Evensongs and other celebrations in conjunction with their and other choirs in the area at the Baltimore Cathedral. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of those experiences.  I also knew already that the music director was a very talented person (and thankfully one with a great sense of humor) who really knew his stuff, so I emailed him and asked if I could join.  It just so happened that one of his altos had recently moved out of state, so I went to rehearsal Thursday evening.  The music was challenging (I have to practice tonight!) but not so much so that it was frustrating or totally out of my grasp.  In fact, I had a great time and met a number of really nice and kind people.  I will do my best and try to stay out of any church politics (famous last words, LOL:)).  The ride is a bit longer, but not terrible - it's only 1/2 hour away from home - and the music is wonderful.  Another bonus is I work and live in two counties adjacent to the City, so the travel isn't so bad.  Even more, the Cathedral has a lot of good outreach efforts from what I understand. 

Tomorrow is looking to be a fairly busy day.  Rehearsal at 9:45, service at 11, hoping to meet the bell choir director and see if I might be of any use there.  After that, hopefully, the DH will have had enough sleep and I'll be going home to fetch him for a Barbeque with my firm. Then home to host whomever of the family is coming for dinner (something simple  - or carryout, LOL!:)

Well, I'm off to do a little knitting...:)
Til next time,
God be with you 'til we meet again!+


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