I remind myself that even artistic legends like Michelangelo struggled. When he did the Sistine ceiling in fresco, a medium he wasn't familiar with, the first few sessions were stressful and trying for the artist. But he persevered and created one of the wonders of the art world. I recently read that Michelangelo had his frustrations in learning to employ the fresco medium when he created his masterpiece in the Sistine Chapel.  Creativity has its times of frustration. I cannot tell you how many times I've tried creating what I thought would be a gorgeous, complex, interplay of lace and simple patterns only to find out that the only accurate descriptor was "complex." What followed that was a session of frogging -or worse, allowing beautiful yarn to languish in a project bag, never realizing its full potential (a crime against nature, in my humble opinion). (Oh dear, what hubris, my knitting in the same paragraph as the Sistine Chapel!)
2016-02-20 12.24.50
Let's ignore for the time being the possibility that this pullover will be a weeeeee bit large.  That's OK, I like baggy sweaters. But that lighter strip of blue.  Not so much, especially since it's in the mid-chubs region of my torso. I think I should at least tink/frog back and continue on with the darker blue, saving the lighter blue for another part of the sweater (yoke background, maybe?) or even a sleeve or two - or - maybe better - a vertical stipe on a sleeve???
More to come....
God be with you 'til we meet again+
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