Testing testing 1 2 3......

So I got this new keyboard for my Kindle and was kinda sorta hoping I could employ it in the use of posting something to this blog just to see if it would work. Lo and behold, it does! Who knew? The worry I have is that the battery that seems to work well is an Amazon battery.  The commercial ones seems to create havoc. Oh dear.

So, dear 1.8 readers, how have you been? I have been doing a LOT of knitting and living life to the almost full, given that I am human and have my limitations:)

So what's new -? Not much really. Life is going on. It isn't getting much easier, but that's a story for a different day.  In the meantime, I can now post things from my Kindle.  Pretty cool.
Well, I am a bit tired, because it's been a long day at work today. I plan on posting more tomorrow when things are a wee bit quieter (I know, famous last words, right?)
Anyway, I will try.  Until then, my friends,
God be with you 'til we meet again.+
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