Alrighty then...

One more project done.  And I can actually use these.  I'm also wearing something else of my own knitting today.  Winter is the one time I can sorta kinda get away with it.  And yes, I have court this afternoon - a shelter hearing yesterday held over until today.  
After a rather long day at court and with my back screaming at me, I headed home to a really nice dinner John made for B and me. (Of course I had 'after,' but it was worth it!).  Anyway, with not much else I could do, I finished the Burning Love Fingerless Mitts by Dutch Mama and am fairly pleased with the results.  A little thing, but they are my own first pair I've kept for myself and they make a good deal of sense for days when you need the extra warmth, but need your fingers for driving, using the phone (NOT at the same time!!!), and other things.
Also made a small inroad into the reversible cable scarf/cowl, but not enough to post a picture at this point. 
We in Merlin were rather lucky as far as the weather goes. Our friends and relatives to our north did not fare so well, though their respective states were forewarned and thus for-armed, so I hope the human toll was not as high as it could have been.
Well today I have that hearing, a meeting afterwards at DSS and finally finally bell practice.
Gotta go.  Until next time, God be with you til we meet again+
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