Very quick

After all, it is Monday and I'm working:) Have a self-imposed deadline I'm working toward and need to get going on it.  Waking up to the delightful sound of pouring rain on the roof was so lovely - and now this: more snowwwwwwwww and ice. Yuck! Had to wait for TripleA to come and put the tire back on the car - apparently the Vavoline in testing the tires while they were doing the oil change, left a valve in the left back tire open or something - which resulted in me standing outside with a flashlight whilst my poor beleagured perspiring hubby changed the tire to the spare "donut." He fixed the tire and we both felt that a professional should put it back on.  Thank you, AAA.  Great job, seriously:)!
Not much progress on the knitting front, and my desk is still a mess. I guess that cold was bugging me more than I thought, but I am feeling great right now and so... back to work!
"bis sp├Ąter" as they say in Deutschland.  
until then, God be with you 'til we meet again....

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