Super What?

In the news: I was terribly saddened to learn of the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, a versatile and much beloved talent, another statistic in the losing battle with substance abuse. He leaves behind a wife and three children. Sigh:(
And under the heading of "I get the news 1890s style, when the horse brings it via pony express,"  I read the Open Letter from Dylan Farrow, posted in Peter Kristoph's blog for the New York Times and have just about stopped shaking with rage.  Her story rings so very true.  Her experiences are those of a sexual abuse victim.  Her reactions are those of a sexual abuse victim.  Her courage is outstanding. I am one of those people who think Roman Polansky and Woody Allen belong in jail. Because their victims and their potential future victims need to be protected.

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OK OK, I know. It's Superbowl Sunday, but it's also Candlemas and Mimi, our Deacon's birthday and coincidentally the beginning of the last week of my fifties:).  My family is not coming for dinner tonight - it's a late game, John is working (see below) and I am still getting over this cold, the Newly Married Daughter is beginning a cold, though I doubt I'm contagious, but she probably is.  My brothers, Rob and Dave, and their families will certainly be watching from their homes in Highlands Ranch, just outside of Denver. My friend, Charles, from church will be rooting for the Broncos as well, since he lived for many years in the Denver area and has happy memories of the wild west. 
John is working tonight-an unusual change from his normal schedule-because he kindly wanted to be off to help me celebrate turning 60 next Sunday and wants to take next Saturday night off. Even with that, I suspect the Big Game in New Jersey will be playing on our TV set - especially if our son gets back from his play in time. (Funny, I still call it a TV set, no surprise I'm going to be an official old fart, isn't it, LOL:)!!)Anyway....What's a knitter to do with all that sport/commercial/media hype playing in the background of her life?

Craftsy, a Kindle Fire, and a pair of earphones to the rescue! 

Last weekend, Craftsy had this incredible sale - for under 20 smackers you could enroll in one of their online video classes.  I had been wanting to take Shirley Paden's class on Handknit Garment Design, and so took advantage of the offer  - and boy, was I glad I did! I am going to work on one more repeat of the stitch pattern for S's Little Wave cardi and then I am going to work through this beauty with the talented Ms. Paden-Bernstein.  I have always wanted to develop a structured, jacket-style cardi, using chinese cabling and lace for something to wear to work. I've watched two chapters and I am already fascinated.  I've designed a couple of scarves and an infinity cowl, all of which are on ravelry, and last year I designed two cable and lace shawls, which are not yet written up (test knitters anyone??), but I have always wanted to design a garment.  This might be a good beginning:).
So, back to work on the cardigan.  Seven more rows on the body and then I'm going to tackle a wee bit of designing....
In the meantime, dear friends, hold your children close or in your hearts, stay well, and God (however you understand Him or Her or...?) be with you 'til we meet again:)+

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