Felt like a long day anyway...

Woke up this morning about three  hours after I had wanted to because for some reason the alarm didn't go off - or it did, but I hit the off instead of the snooze button.  I so wanted to go to the early morning service and maybe stop awhile with them for coffee or breakfast at the diner, but that wasn't to be.
So I head over to a treatment team meeting for the mother of my little infant client. In Emmitsburg. Through the snow. Uphill. Both ways;). Seriously though, it was a good meeting. But I had to make it back to another meeting in Towson for which I was late. Boo.
Then two client visits I couldn't make because  Beltway traffic was NUTS!
OK so what can I finally succeed at today??
After 4 weeks of this darn cold/flu/sinus infection/bronchitis, my voice -or what's left of it - SUCKS!!
Pardon my language...
But we will be singing the Far Out  Fauré Requiem. Composed by Gabriel Fauré in the year after his parents died, it eschews the fear of Hell and embraces the joys of Heaven.  It is truly one of my favorite musical compositions.
Well at least my flute playing was passable.....
Ah well.. God be with you 'til we meet again+

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