OMG, where to even begin:)?

 Well, dear 2.5, please forgive me. It's been two months since my last confession and in that time I have sinned mightily:) I've completed about 9 or 10 projects and added about... 9 or 10 projects:).




Also during this time, John and I went to Williamsburg for the weekend in honor of our 35th wedding anniversary.

And to the Jamestown settlement.
 Two weeks ago, I went on my first knitting retreat with the Columbia Sip 'N Knit,
and had a BLAST:)!!!
BTW, our own Lynn Zwerling and Sheila Rovelstad and their Knitting Behind Bars project got a great mention in the Bawlmer Sunpapers this week:)! And it got a mention on Facebook for the Vogue Knitting site! Yes! You should hear Lynn and Sheila talk about their "guys," most of whom are young enough to be their (and my) own kids. It makes a difference, though.  Only knitters would understand how it can.:)
Work has been it's usual nutty thing.  I alternate my time among there, court, visits, and paperwork.  When work is over (it never is, LOL!), at least three nights a week I'm ringing, singing, practicing for the Christmas music (I get to play tympani and flute this year, thankfully not at the same time), or if I'm a really good doobie, I get to go to the knitting group on Wednesday nights or Saturday mornings. By the time I'm home, I'm either knitting or sleeping.  Not much time lately to blog.
So, I am grateful to have this relatively quiet Friday (although I do have to leave for one client visit in 30 minutes or so - oh well).
Yesterday, we in the USA celebrated our Thanksgiving.  It was wonderful - that is until I fell asleep after too many carbs! Today I am boycotting Black Friday.  No, I'm not above it all - I just don't really do much Christmas shopping.  John and I give the kids money. The only shopping we really do is for each other (if we exchange gifts - it depends) - or for the grandangels at our Christmas Eve lunch date at a little store in Old Ellicott City called Mumbles and Squeaks.  Any gifts for my folks (the only living Great Grands) is done online and shipped to them directly. There are just too many brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews, great nieces and nephews for us to exchange gifts with them.  The big push for us is getting the Christmas cards out to family, friends and colleagues. Our kids exchange gifts by means of a lottery (yeah, really high-tech: John and I pick names out of a hat and they don't keep it a secret, which works for them). 
Anyway, that's why I really don't do the Black Friday thing.  I want Thanksgiving to be Thanksgiving and Christmas to be Christmas, but I don't begrudge others their chance at a good bargain or the local stores a chance to get into the black financially. 
In other news, last May I finally finished my last EfM class and got the certificate.  University of the South at Sewanee, I thank you, though I feel I haven't scratched the surface of the subject matter.  Come to think of it, anyone who thinks they have this subject matter down pat is delusional, LOL!:) Some of my fellow students were frankly surprised and one has told me I still owe him a class presentation for the one he did for me last year.  We had our little graduation soiree  a week ago Friday and were presented our certificates of completion.  It was wonderful to see everyone again, to catch up, to pray and to just enjoy each other's company.  It was a wonderful experience - and yes a time commitment - and I heartily recommend it to anyone who is interested. Thank you to Charles O. for the picture at the right.
Currently, I have about 8,265 projects on the needles - no really, it's only about 48, four of which are currently active.  They are:
Peabody - Nancy's Christmas sweater:) (see lavender sweater above)
Spire - in green (see green blob on circs above)
Lambert Lace Sampler  - in leftover white organic cotton (see white lace thingie under the keyboard above)
Seaman's style scarf with reversible cables - in some lovely iron blue merino:)(see blue cabled thingie above)
Have no fear, I'll be adding one or two more within the week:)
Well, best be getting to that visit.  I've missed you all and hope to write more regularly.
Until then, God be with you 'til we meet again!

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