Some technical stuff.

Well, this book to my left helped me out today, although Wordpress had most of what I needed to know all set up for me anyway, LOL.  I have finally decided to get my own domain through wordpress, but am using Googleapps to create e-mail through it.  Since my wordpress blog has all my posts from this and other blogs all put together, I figure I should create something over there.

Today started with a visit from BG &E - a quick fix of the thermostat - a loose wire in the heating/cooling system made it impossible to change the temperature for the last few days and given the changes from 70+ degrees F down to 30-something this morning, it couldn't have come at a better time (the repairs, I mean!). Thank goodness for contracts.  The repairman was really nice - didn't play some of the stupid games (like ringing the house number once and not showing up when we didn't pick up, you know how that can go).  Nope, this guy was here, fixing what was outside and rang the doorbell at 8:30, bless his heart - and on a Saturday, no less! So at least now we have heat so the pipes don't freeze if it gets below 32 degrees F.
Court yesterday was about what I expected it to be - no major problems except for being a little late due to traffic - and luckily others were also in the same pickle (YIKES).  No surprises there.  After court, I ran a couple of errands and then met up with N for lunch.  D's knees were killing her; she has two knee replacements and injured them/stressed them out with a lot of stair climbing and attempting to do some dance jumps with her elementary students (silly girl), so she did not have lunch with us, but she was game for a visit after lunch, so we stopped by and had some tea and conversation - the kind I can have only with those two. We had so much fun just sitting and talking that when we left, I noticed the time - it was after SEVEN PM! But it was worth every minute!
I have that empty kind of feeling you have when you finish a project (which was appreciated). I went through my projects on ravelry and made a list of the "In Progress" and the "Hibernating" projects in order of when I started them.  Starting with the "In Progress," I numbered each one, beginning with the most recently being number 1, and least recently (oldest) begin number 2, switching back and forth.  When I was done with the In Progress projects, I did the same with the Hibernating ones.  I think it will make for an interesting order for either getting those pending projects done or frogging the ones I just cannot stand to do, freeing up good yarn for something that will really catch my interest. Then I can "shop from my stash."  Here's hoping that I've found a realistic way to contend with a rather nasty case of startitis.
So, I've started on my most recent addition first: the prayer shawl (and because it's close to finishing anyway, LOL).  The yarn is something I rarely would use for knitting, so I decided to do the Magnificent Mantle by Crochet Kitty, a crocheted version of the Aestlight Shawl by Gudrun Johnson which I've already done and gifted to a friend when her mother died in December. So far, it's shaping up fairly well, although at this stage it's a little rough around the edges because the yarn is a boucle'.

Of course while looking, I peeked in at the little bit of drop spindle spinning I've been doing and decided to finish off a bit and then ply the two different bits.  Like the prayer shawl, my spinning is still extremely rough around the edges, but I'm going to keep on trying.

Tomorrow is Madison's tenth birthday! I cannot believe my grandchildren are starting with the double digits! I was 46 years old the year she was born - a mere child myself, to say nothing of how young her mommy was! She has grown to be a beautiful girl and I can't wait to see what the future holds for her - may it be blessings and joy and may she always be surrounded by people who love her as much as we all do! Well, I'm off to hit the shower and pick up the birthday cake soon.  We are all going out to dinner and one of her best friends from school will be joining us -this is a plan that only Madison would enjoy! What a blessing that she is so unique!
Well I'm off, dear 3.5 until then,
God be with you 'til we meet again!
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