Mid week and taking stock

I'm almost ready to (GASP) steek this thing, a recent misplacement of the crochet hook having sidelined the Prayer Shawl temporarily.  This has moved along due to what I like to call "nervous knitting" - knitting that happens after hours, when watching the news, for example, or a movie - things I do with John on the evenings he and I are both home at the same time (yes, it actually does happen from time to time:)!) I need to add a few more inches, but not much more - I have decided to go with the Dolman sleeves for this EZ's Green Sweater pattern .  Right now it doesn't look like much.  But as I said before, I have faith. And as someone else once said, "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread."

So what's been happening here in the FugueState? Music, work (as in visits and court), friends, family and knitting. When last I visited, dear 3.5, I was done with the Clothilde shawl and was planning on giving it to the recipient at lunch on Friday with her and D another friend. Unfortunately, D's knees were killing her, so N and I had a very nice lunch and then went to D's house to keep her company for a while, laughing the whole time:)
It turns out the Clothilde served a good purpose.  This past Sunday was one of the coldest Palm Sunday's I can remember in a long while.  The weather pundits say it will be about 75 degrees F on Easter, but you wouldn't have known it Palm Sunday! We stood outside and marched into the church, ringing our bells and singing a Hosanna - and freezing our bells off (ok, sorry, couldn't resist). N. wore hers around her neck to prevent pneumonia, laryngitis and keeping her neck warm in general.  You'd be surprised how much those seemingly insipid lacey numbers work to take the edge off the chill. A few years back, my friend Vicki lent me her scarf while we waited outside in freezing weather to wait for the Washington National Cathedral to open up and let us all in for Katharine Jefforts-Schori's investiture as the first female Presiding Bishop.  That scarf made an unbearable situation survivable. (Thanks, Vick!) Even my little Bitterroot has saved my throat on a number of occasions.  There is a reason shawls and scarves were knitted back in the day - and now!  They're not just fashion statements! But they are fun to knit:)!

Saturday was fairly quiet during the day and as I said in my post that day, we were going to Madison's 10th birthday bash at the Olive Garden near her home.  We all had a blast.  There were the 15 of us: John and I, K and S with Johnny, D and D with Madison and Ruby, B, C and D, S and J and our "adopted kid" E. Two friends of D and D came with their baby, and Madison's friend, Josh.  In all, there were 19 people around that table and every one of us were having a great time.  At one point, John and I just looked at each other and couldn't believe that our silly little conversations across the back yard had turned into all of this wonderment.

Sunday was Palm Sunday and it was a LONG Palm Sunday.  I played bells and sang and after both services were over, we had a rehearsal with the professional brass players of our Easter music. Then, we left with the Vidor's Toccata from his Symphony No. 5 ringing in our ears.  Here is an example of this piece - and as well as this fellow plays it, Nancy plays it better!

Seriously, she does. Her son, Joe will be playing trumpet when he gets there. He has a great tone and will fit right in with this group of professionals.

Remember that stupid fall I had a few weeks ago just before "kwar" practice? I was so hoping I would have no repercussions - oh fool moi! - but when I knelt down for Communion (telling myself not to be such a baby - not good, talking badly to yourself - I have to stop doing that), I realized I had made a not-so-good choice! My knee is still stiff and sore - from all the standing and the up and down probably. I'll live. The real challenge will be the mad dash for the choir up front and downstairs for the Prelude next Sunday after the three or four of us bell players who also will be singing are done with our piece up in the Gallery. These fat little legs of mine will be getting quite the workout! 
When I got home, I finished cleaning the downstairs bathroom, ran to the store again to buy what I should have bought the first time and awaited the arrival of John's sister and brother-in-law, Bob and "GG."  They both retired to Massachusetts - Bob's home grounds - after a lifetime of teaching in Long Island Catholic schools - Bob taught Social Studies and GG taught Chemistry.  Again, they got the full treatment -every one of the kids, grandkids and "LB" were there.  It was so good to see both of them. Bob had a couple of really funny jokes.  Their daughter, Erin, recently had an adorable baby girl, so we oohed and aaahed over their photos of course! I really love John's family.  They have always been so good to all of us!
Needless to say, I don't remember my head hitting the pillow Sunday night!
Monday morning I had an exceptions hearing for which I need to prepare a memo of law this evening.  John is off on Mondays, so he surprised Madison by showing up at her school birthday party:) Yesterday was a mediation and a visit to a client and then I went to see D, D, Madison and Ruby - their mom and dad needed something notarized.  Then a quick drive back to St. J's for bell practice.
Today was mostly catching up on paperwork and getting organized for tomorrow. In a few moments I will finish up the last of the pleadings and paperwork I need to file/do for tomorrow.  It's an unusual evening for me in that I don't have EfM, choir or Stephen Ministry.  I actually have an evening in the middle of the week to get stuff done and to possibly take stock and I am beside myself.
LINK+IMAGEThis morning, I had a few moments before I had go, so I poured myself a cup of coffee and listened to WOOL - a public radio station in VT and NH (that has an app for the iPhone and the reception is great).  The show was the Mimi Gerges show and she was interviewing Abbott Christopher Jamison who wrote, Finding Sanctuary: Monastic Steps for Everyday Life. In addition to Abbott Jamison's book was a discussion of a BBC series called "The Monastery."  Abbott Jamison spoke about the quiet of monastic life and how living in a monastic rhythm helped to bring one closer to one's humanity.  He didn't preach; he simply and matter-of-factly spoke about the need to step back and look at life, at wisdom and what meaning it has.  I found him to be very interesting. And very compelling.  I might borrow or buy that book if I can.  I just loved what he had to say because it made sense at a very basic level, though certainly it was not simplistic.
So here I am on Wednesday night. I will do what I need to do for work - a few more e-mails, four pleadings, and a review of my cases for the afternoon docket.  Then, I will do some knitting and listen to a podcast or watch tv for a little while.  
With gratitude for all the good things life has given me.  Forgive this bit of religiosity in this public forum, but as they say at EfM:
For what was, thanks be to God
For what is, thanks be to God
For what will be, thanks be to God.

And may She be with you 'til we meet again;)


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