Q is for Qalm before the storm....

Well, another work week is done - and not much knitting to speak of! Boo! Good news is, I got a lot of visits done and am better organized on the work front. That's what a move to the City office has done for me. Unfortunately for our (County) legal assistant/office manager, not so much, but it will get better.
I did take an opportunity to start a &^%* for one of my kids which will hopefully be finished by Christmas. This is as detailed as I can get until then because although Nancy doesn't read my blog, my kids sometimes do.
Well last night was choir practice and I feel so UNready for Christmas! We - correction: I - sounded like garbage while we were singing "I Wonder as I Wander" a beautiful chromatic rendition of a very introspective spiritual piece of music. Well I was wondering - what the notes were - and I was wandering - all over the scale! So today - a first in a long time without visits, court or meetings - I am going to practice and at least have the notes cold if nothing else. Usually by now I have only one or two pieces that disturb me, LOL. But this year - OY!
To catch up on the online diary aspect of this thing - K and S came over Tuesday evening with little Johnny for a visit - actually K and Johnny came over while S went to a gig. He is so wide awake at night - his poor parents! He's just at that 6-week phase - chubbing up and on the verge of a real smile - a real delight to hold and play with and give back:) I love the Grandma gig! Should be doing a little bit of babysitting over the weekend:)
Wednesday I did the presentation at EfM on of all things the Holy Trinity and the differences in the Eastern vs. Western views during the fourth - fifth century A.D. To think people killed each other over these esoteric differences! I don't blame them - by the time I was done figuring out what the issues were, I was ready to kill somebody myself! (JUST KIDDING!)
Next week I have one hearing that looks like it will probably be canceled or withdrawn if I am to believe the representations of the attorney for the state, which of course I do:) It's Thanksgiving week - both Thursday and Friday are court holidays and Friday is a state furlough day, and many of my clients are out of town or in respite or home on visits, so although I do have a few visits to schedule, there won't be much to do on the work front. So I will have a chance to do the things I love best: housework DOH NO! Music and knitting:) I may even go to the Sip 'n Knit meeting on Wednesday since EfM is not meeting that night!
Really, the very thought of all that.... I don't know how to act!
Well, I'd better at least think about folding some wash and getting something done so I can knit on with impunity (or at least some good yarn!)
Until next time, God be with you 'til we meet again!
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