Thursday evening: calm before the storm

I was thinking today of all that is coming up at work, in church and in our family and that right now is truly the calm before the storm. K and D's little boy is due in about 5 weeks; our firm is on call for any new cases and shelter hearings that come up in September; at the same time my colleague goes on her honeymoon (LOL!); bell practice starts Tuesday; EfM (yes, I'm going back! isn't that cool?!!) starts Wednesday; choir practice starts Thursday and I'll be lucky if I can remember where I put my yarn, let alone get any knitting done.
But I love it. It's always true that the busier one is, the more one gets done.
Last Sunday, we had a shower for K and D. K is showing the baby belly more than ever. S did a lot of baking and cooking for the goodies. The rest of us bought food and stuff:). S's family couldn't make it - they had already planned a barbecue for other family members and it just wasn't going to work - but we had a nice time, with family and a few friends of the couple. K and D left fairly early - work called in the morning - but the rest of the "kids" kept the party going for quite a while. I was one tired old lady by the time the evening was over. And, come to think of it, I had court Monday! Yikes!
This week at work has been a series of travels around the Bawlmer Beltway, through Bawlmer itself and "up air" - north to Harford County.
Yesterday was quite busy - starting at about 7 in the morning and driving and visiting straight through to the early evening - so that by the time I was done writing everything up and reading court reports, it was already close to 7 in the evening - a good day's work. So, not having attended a Sip 'n Knit in weeks and weeks, I figured it was time to go to a Wednesday night one at Panera, since my only opportunities to do so until the end of May of next year will be the occasional Saturday and even that is up in the air.
I had a nice time - met Kathy and her daughter, Brinn and learned about the wonders of Webkinz. It's a sweet idea and I imagine it is a great resource for kids. Before I left, I took a picture of Brie's "Buttony" and then took it with me to work on. I show you the before and after pics - not a lot of inches, but not bad, considering I had my dinner first and then spent a lot of the time chatting away, LOL!

This morning started early and ended fairly early - two dockets for which I was prepared. Who knew? Tomorrow is a hearing in the morning and then getting ready for the very busy weeks to come. School is starting for the kids and life is going into the next stage, both linear and cyclical.

Tonight: my dear husband bought a bottle of red and I am going to go enjoy some of it with my dinner. But first I need to get the EfM paperwork (and check) to our Mentor (Tom G) before it gets too late.

I hope your days are full of joy and peace and today I especially send out a prayer, vibe, good wishes and cyberhugs to my friends Paul and Cindy. Kevin was supposed to start college today. Instead he is on another journey as are his parents.

God be with you 'til we meet again:)

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