Okey dokey then...

Well today was not a very eventful one. We had the grandgirls over for another day. And their "other Pop-pop" is apparently doing well enough to step down from ICU to a regular hospital bed (thanks for your prayers and thoughts!) which is excellent news! (So I suppose it's been eventful after all, LOL:)!
I spent the morning getting things in order for court tomorrow and returning phone calls. Then this afternoon was the first in six months' worth of doctor visits, documenting one of my many gazillion attempts at weight loss. I intend to do the best I can and have already started on a low-carb regime. Tomorrow I go to the "Y" to get a tour of the facilities so I can finally start some sort of swimming regimen (I like swimming even more than walking, but will also do the latter on cooler days). Not to bore you all, dear readers, but I'm not going to weigh myself until my next appointment in September. OK, enough o' that crapola....
Inch by inch I'm working on that last stretch of the i-cord bind-off for Jared Flood's Tweed Baby blanket. It's really a nice finish - after it's blocked, it should look quite nice - the feather and fan makes for a nice edging without being too feminine.Pics coming as soon as I'm done!
And before I sign off, take a look at these babies:)
The one on the right is a bit faster. I've been practicing my spinning learned last night on this spindle as well. Isn't it just gorgeous (Oh Lord, I am in such trouble!)
and the bottom picture here is the result of my prior attempts plied with my more current attempts. Interesting that when you ply in the opposite direction in which you spin, the yarn doesn't get all twisty in one direction. Funny that, LOL:)!
OK, so it's not something you'd find in an Etsy shop, but it's my first and it's not too damn bad:)
Well, not much else is new today. And with any luck, not much will be new tomorrow!
Back soon. God be with you 'til we meet again!

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