Life is like a box of sock yarn

Well, dear readers, it's been a nice weekend, albeit a fairly quiet one until yesterday:)  Had court Friday morning and then a meeting at DSS which really did not require my presence, so I
skipped it.  Got home, returned phone calls, spent some time with John then settled into some knitting once I was off the work clock. Friday evening and Saturday I made a little bit of  headway on the Girasole for the PSM, knit a few rows on the Baby blankie for "Gunther," and a few more pattern repeats on the February Lady Sweater - which basically puts me at or a
 little below the waist.  I'll have a chance to check it out on D this evening I hope.         
Sunday was pretty busy - both choirs sang and rang the last official service (Pentecost) before
 summer break. Some of us will be singing in smaller groups as time permits over the summer.  I actually sang soprano this time (I've been singing tenor all year, then alto on the Bach and now I'm moving 'up' in the scale - who knows (and who cares, really) where I'll be next year, LOL:) At least I'm versatile, if not terribly good, LOL.  The fellow who plays tympani - Tom C., had to leave for the second service, so I got to play them for the second service.   Had a mini panic attack when I realized the lower one had gone off its note (pedal had gone down!), but it was relatively OK, considering.
Afterwards, I went to the store, then home briefly to make a salad for the choir party later, then left for lunch with Nancy and Sally, then home, then on to a choir party hosted by one of our members, Susan and her husband, Russ.  A fine time was had by all.
Today consisted of filing some paperwork at a courthouse where I have never practiced and doing some reports and preparing for this week's hearings. Then home. All six of our progeny had dinner with us - some burgers on the grill - and again a good time was had by all - except perhaps Ruby whose nap had been interrupted earlier today and who seemed to be able to cry at the drop of a hat, poor baby.
Now it's night and it's (relatively) quiet - nothing like the quiet of last week when our two who live at home took a brief vacation to Niagra Falls.  I don't know how I'm going to deal with peace and quiet when they are all finally out on their own.  It frankly scares me, LOL!
OK, you're right.  I'm not writing about anything interesting - because what is going on in my heart and mind is beyond weird and to share it with anyone would just be wrong.  When I can make sense of it, I'll write about it, LOL! Well, life is like a box of sock yarn - you never really know what you're gonna get:)

There is one funny story I will share with you.  For the first time in our family’s history, a Teddy Bear had to have a time out! Yes indeed and let me tell you this cautionary tale lest your other little toys be led astray!

Our youngest, while we were away in the City of Brotherly Love and the Big Apple, respectively, had a 23rd birthday party, at which all present were adults, save the grandchildren sleeping upstairs.  (Yes, her older sibs were also present and the house was in one piece upon our return.)  The party included a little bit of alcohol and some poker and that was fine, since there was an understanding that anyone who could not drive home would stay the night and live to fight another day.

However, one of the partygoers, a co-worker of my our now 23-year-old, brought a gift: a cute little Teddy Bear with a little heart on it, inside of which were embroidered the words, “hug me.” Sounds sweet, huh?  Well, there’s a thingie on the little adorable bear’s belly that one can press and adorable little phrases come out of said bear.  Phrases like, “Nobody loves you, everybody hates you.  Go f**k yourself,” and “Kiss my a$$,” and that all time favorite, “Eat sh*t and die, motherf**ker!”  How charming!

Well, someone during the cleanup that occurred sometime later that evening, tossed the Teddy Bear into the toys in the little playroom area we have for the grandangels.

A few days later, on Friday, John and I were watching the grandangels for a couple of hours between their parents’ shifts at work.  Little Ruby went right for the Teddy Bear and I said, “Oh, how nice! You found your Teddy Bear! Awwww.” (Remember, we had not inkling of what was up with this bear!)

Awwww kwap! I went upstairs to change out of my work clothes and upon my return downstairs, John was seated in the den, the children playing nearby and the Teddy Bear sitting on a table with his face to the wall.  I looked at John quizzically.  His response: “The Teddy Bear is in Time Out.”  Apparently while cuddling the rather delinquent toy, Ruby caused a few of the expletives to escape it’s little belly.  Madison hastily pointed out that those were BAD words, so Pop took the appropriate disciplinary steps, distracting Ruby with another, much more fun toy.

When their Daddy came to pick them up, we had forgotten about it.  At that point, the electricity had gone out from a nasty thunder storm and our attention was focused on getting them to their car without them having to wring themselves out upon their return home.

Once inside, I had a lot of fun playing with that bear.

Oh Gram is soooooo bad!

Well, have a good one and God be with you 'til we meet again!


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