Spiritual Sunday

Yesterday as a long day.  Yes, it was Mother's Day and all that great stuff, but something
happened that just doesn't happen in my world: I woke up at 4:30 AM, tried to get back to sleep, but finally got out of bed at 5:50 AM and was dressed and ready to go at 6:15.  Natural rising - no alarm clock!  I didn't have to be to St. John's until 8:15 AM for the bell choir rehearsal.  John and the girls were still sleeping.  The house was quiet, except the bird chirping and squirrel squaking outside as the world began to awake.
I went downstairs to dry my hair and ponder what the heck I was going to do for the next two hours.  I brewed myself a couple of cups of coffee,
had a couple of cheese sticks for breakfast outside on the deck and was treated to a beautiful springtime view of flowers and greenery of all kinds.  There was a gentle breeze and it wasn't too warm yet.  I sat outside, enjoying the peace and watched nature  at her most beautiful.
After a short period of  contemplation, I went inside and worked on a knitting project I  hadn't  touched in a year. It  was to be a wrap for K's wedding last June, but I ran out of yarn (and it was soooo darn hot on her wedding day, she never would have used it anyway), so I put together some other cotton yarns in soft shades to go with the winter white - off-white, beige, tan, golden tan and pink.  It looks like it may just work. We'll see. I knit about half of a 20-row pattern and then it was time to go.

The spell was broken.

Yesterday was a glorious day.  Not too hot, not too cold. Even the choir robes were bearable over my clothes! We did fairly well, the bells played both services and the choir was singing for the first one, so it was a busy morning.  Between the services we worked on the Bach - and it's getting better by the minute.  Funny though, it seems around this time - about a week before we actually do the piece - that I seem to unlearn everything I've learned.  Of course it comes back to me, but I think it's my brain's way of pointing out what I really still need to work on!
After a wonderful morning of music (ok, and worship), I went home to find that K and S were going to lunch  - with S's mom and K's! We had a great time at a local Italian place.  I hadn't seen Sonny's mom in a while, so it was lovely to see her.  She's such a nice lady; I'm glad K has a nice mother-in-law.
After lunch S went with his Mom to run a couple of errands and K went with me to the supermarket.  I got the balance of the items for dinner and K did her grocery shopping. Back to the house where John had the kitchen spotless, desert made and the flowers on the table:) Yesterday, he gifted me with Debbie Macomber's Summer on Blossom Street,which was very nice of him, considering I'm not his mother:) Macomber's books are so pleasant - great for a light read! 
Last night everyone was here but B and J - they're coming over for supper tonight.  It was a lot of fun and my kids gave me some amazing gifts.  Considering what a tough momma I was, I am still very touched and surprised by their kindness to me.  The kitchen table was covered with flowers - lilies of the valley from S's mom at lunch, flowers from John, tulips from D and D, and beautiful sunny roses from D and C.  I am now the proud owner of a gift card for Joann's and Kohls (do my kids know me or what?).  John saw everything and asked if someone had died.  "Of course not - you haven't had dinner yet,"  was my response. After a call to my Dad and Maureen to see how thing stood for our visit in a couple of weeks and of course to with them BOTH a Happy Mother's day, we did finally sit down and eat.  There are now officially too many of us to sit at one table, so everyone grabs a plate (the little ones get their fare at the table, of course and they are usually accompanied by a few of us), and finds a spot to sit and eat.  It makes for good conversation.
Yes, I was cooking (even though I swore I would not be) - a beef stew that really didn't turn out too well, smashed red potatoes (they were a big hit) and some 7-grain bread to beat the band! Well, at least the carbs were OK.  John did the first batch of dishes and I did the second - fair enough!
I also was able to get some rows in on D's February Lady sweater, if you can believe that! 
Needless to say, by 12:45 I didn't remember my head hitting the pillow.  
Well, I'd better get back to work - it is Monday:) Back soon, until then, God be with you 'til we meet again.

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