Does this yarn make my nose look fat?

As if I cared:)! I really love the color - it's KnitPicks CotLin in Morroccan Red.  Now tell me honestly, anything named "Morroccan Red" can't be bad, right? Well, I started casting on.  Yes, casting on - I who have 8,756 projects already in the works decided I wanted to knit yet ANOTHER top! Yes, in Morroccan Red! I'm doing a project from More Big Girl Knits  - the Summer Chevron.  It's so new, I haven't even posted it to Ravelry yet. I am now at that point in the project where I am in short row hell.  But that's OK, at least it's somewhat exciting:) Yards of interesting  stockinette at least!

Last I wrote, it was Wednesday I think.  To catch up, Thursday was court all day and then choir practice in the evening. We had an excellent practice of the Bach, this time with the string quintet and organ continuo.  It was truly productive.  Friday was court - all afternoon - then home for a quiet evening.  Saturday morning went to a Sip 'N Knit meetup at Savage Mill in Savage - and worked on the Chevron for about 3 hours.  Then home, then a quiet evening until bed.  
This morning we sang the Bach Cantata No. 4 (Christ Lag' in Todesbanden) at both services.  I think we did fine.  The German was great and although we sang it a darn sight slower than the Monteverdi Choir does, I think we did JSB justice! The Orchestra members, of course, were perfect, Nancy's conducting was spot on and the soloists were wonderful.  I had a blast - singing from the back row  - Alto in Verse I, Tenor and Alto in Verse IV, Soprano in Verse V and back to alto in Verse VI:)- a bit schizophrenic, but oh so much fun! Members of the community came to the church to see the singing, which was gratifying.
After the services and the performance, some of us went to lunch - the usual suspects plus a couple more.  It was nice catching up with everyone and relaxing.  I can honestly say I have never seen Nancy work harder than she did for this as did the choir - and the hard work paid off.
 One of our churchgoers who grew up in Germany complimented us on the German, which meant a great deal to me!
Then home to get a birthday gift for R, who turned 4 yesterday:)! It was a great afternoon, seeing everyone and catching up with family.  And now I sit in the quiet of the house, getting ready for next week.
I am a bit tired, although I'll probably do a little knitting before bedtime. Before I go, here are some more shots of the KnitPicks haul from Friday.  Had to try some more Imagination yarn in some blue tones - and of course the obligatory stitch markers!
Oh, this last little ball? The first bit of yarn I spun on the drop spindle - from some pencil roving.   It just seemed too easy and there was no plying done - hence the twist!
Well, good night, dear readers.  See you soon. Until then, God be with you 'til we meet again!


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