“Suppose the world was only one of God's jokes - would you work any the less to make it a good joke instead of a bad one?”

This quote by George Bernard Shaw was the title of an article recently posted in the online Bar Bulletin published by the Merlin State Bar Association. It's a great premise, isn't it? I just had to post it here.
Well, since yesterday, I have not gotten much done on that shawl. In fact, as soon as I finish this, I'm going to hunker down and get some serious rows in! I figure I'm going to do about 3 more rows of garter, 11 rows of edging and I'm DONE!! A situation at work has taken up a good deal of my attention and between that and my evening activities lately, I'm done in by the end of the day.
Last night we had a very productive bell practice. Not that I will remember everything I'm supposed to be doing. What makes everything all the more crazy, is I'm not only doing a scripture reading on Palm Sunday, but also a part of the Passion reading. Oy. Luckily, one cannot ring, sing and read at the same time, LOL:) No, folks, no one is that good, least of all me! Thankfully, I don't have a lot to do at home over the weekend - no grandangel sitting, not a lot of home stuff. Although thanks to Panhandle Jane, I am inspired to organize my stash a bit better:) . To that end, a 50% off coupon at Michaels scored me some black collapsible boxes. (I have two red ones already, but all they had were black and white and since my shelving is black...) Tomorrow I don't have any hearings (that will happen Friday), and no appointments until 1 PM, so I figure tomorrow morning might be a good time for that. We shall see:)
The issue at work has been resolved, although now I trust social workers a lot less than I used to. But the result should be OK anyway.
Not much else new to report, dear readers, so I will get to that knitting now:) You know the drill, GBWYTWMA:)

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