The sky's the limit!

At least that's what I'm telling myself.  It's Friday and I have just finished with one of my worst ego-slamming weeks in my life.  At work, I've had two three parties to a guardianship to adoption with a dispute that seemed unsolvable, then today arrived at what I thought was the correct time to court only to have the master lambast me and about three social workers for not being ready 1/2 hour before the time we've always had to be there in the past.  Lesson learned, but when stuff like that happens, I always feel like garbage, serious garbage.  Luckily the adoption case
 worked out well:) And really, that's what's important.  My personal life: well that requires some work and organization on my part.  I did give the shawl to the recipient for a birthday gift a couple of days in advance, first, because she didn't want gifts at her party and I didn't want to be the sh*thead who brought the only gift to a party (that's just rotten), and I knew she was going out with her husband tonight, so last night was the only time before the big day that I could give it to her.  I think I did a rather good job on the shawl, and, sadly, perhaps selfishly, I do get a charge when someone enjoys what I knit for them, but that satisfaction was not to be.  Oh well, it's her gift, not mine, LOL:)
But that does mean, I now have another UFO which is now an FO:) Kewl.  But, after frogging a few projects with which I knew I had fallen out of love, I still have 24 more UFOs in waiting. 

So really, do I have the right to lust after a new project?  A lace project maybe?  These are calling me: Aren't they lovely? (sigh.
But NO! I will wait.  I will finish those UFOs, to wit (In alpha order):

(*Cardigan for} Arwen or hooded jacket from More Big Girl Knits
Crocheted zigzag baby blankie
The Crochet Dude's Flying Afghan (baby size)
Baby Surprise Jacket
Coming Home Shawl (baby size)
Short sleeved ribbed turtle neck for D
*Erin cardigan
Mandala from Goddess Knits
*Green (not fair isle) vest
Halloween Mystery Shawl (from Goddess Knits)
*JaspeRed Blue Instead (cardigan)
Lace Sampler Scarf in Neutrals
Lily of the Valley Shawl in Teal
Little kids cable Pulli
Log Cabin Baby Blankie
Mystery Stole 4
Nina for ?
*Dalegarn Pattern No. 17002
*The Daily Sweater
Pale green basketweave scarf
Reversible red cabled scarf
Secret of the Stole III - 
*Spring Forward Cardigan (Janet Szabo); and 
The DaVinci Shawl
* = for me (provided I don't gain or lose too much weight, hold on, I don't think I could lose TOO much weight, LOL)

This is the order I think I'm going to do these:
Coming Home Shawl (baby size)
*The Daily Sweater
The Crochet Dude's Flying Afghan (baby size)
Crocheted zigzag baby blankie
Nina for?
Baby Surprise Jacket
Log Cabin Baby Blankie
Little Kid's Pulli
Lace Sampler Scarf in Neutrals
Pale green basketweave scarf
Reversible Red Cabled scarf
Arwen Cardigan (or aforementions More Big Girl Knits piece)
Spring Forward Cardigan
No. 17002
Green not fair isle vest
D's short sleeved turtle neck
JaspeRed Blue Instead cardigan
Lily of the Valley Shawl - teal
Mandala - from Goddess Knits
Halloween Mystery Shawl - Goddess Knits
Secret of the Stole III (Estes Park??)
Mystery Stole 4 
DaVinci Stole

Wow -  I'm tired already.  As you can see from this:
That baby blanket is not getting knitted by itself, so I'd better get cracking.  The little person is due in October:) and I'd like to have some things on the ready.
Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. I'm going to try to get to the morning sip 'n knit (or do some housework - hey there's an idea!).  Then, in the afternoon, I have a rehearsal for the Passion reading.  After that, I'm going to Connie's big birthday bash for an hour or so then on to Nancy's at Diane's (hoping to catch the movie with everyone - they're watching Amadeus!) for another hour or so.  
Sunday is a long morning ringing, reading and singing.  I'm already tired, LOL! Well knit on as they say! Maybe I'll bring some knitting along for the 'down' times HAH!
Oh well, have a great weekend, dear readers and I will be back soon, until then, God be with you 'til we meet again!

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