Tuesday UPdate:)

and pray for peace in Northern Ireland  - as the people there of both sides are doing to their great credit!
Well, after getting the nonsense out of my system last night, I am ready to get on with things:) Thanks for the comments, dear readers, they were immeasurably helpful - from both Susan and Joanna - both made so much sense and really, sense is what one needs. It is absolutely silly to sit around and worry when I could just forget about it and move on, fercryinoutloud! Nobody is worth my sanity or my time when I have a family who requires plenty of both! And really if I've offended a person, and they don't have the courage to talk with me about it, that really says more about them than about me.

In the meantime, I've got a lot to get done today, so I'm posting my to-do list (without any client identification of course) to see how much I can accomplish in 7 hours:)

Business:5:30 update - 11:30 update - 
- Arrange for visits with clients who need to be seen (9 total; must see 4 this week). 4 scheduled, calls in for 5 others,  paperwork filled out for yet another 10)
- Draft post adoption contact agreement for sibs - still working on this - done
- CASA requests for EL and CBIII  - still working on this  - nothing new
- Contact SWs for clients who might attend the TU conference - not done yet

-Practice bell music; attend bell practice at 7 - will have to just attend the practice  - done
-Write Margit L- not done yet
-Work on Birthday project - a little - have 6 rows to keep up with goal:)  - daily goal accomplished

OK, now let's see if I get 'em done! Hey, it could happen!
Will update later, hopefully with some knitting pics:) Until then, dear 3.5 readers, GBWYTWMA+
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