OK, I promised an update!

Yes, I couldn't sleep last night. Yes, I stayed up all night, save a few little catnaps through the early morning hours.  But I got so much done (she whines).  I do feel good about that, since I'm on such a tight schedule with the Sampler Shawl/Wrap thingie.  Anyhoo, since last we met, dear 3.5 readers,  a few things have happened.  Just a few.  I did get much of my to-do list done and will no doubt finish the rest of it.  Got a number of visits in, and scheduled - even connected with a young adult client I have come close to stalking because I am required to have face-to-face contact outside of court and she is a busy little girl (as they used to say in Vermont).  So the week has been good as far as getting my work done, thank goodness.
Choir practice was lovely on Thursday.  There was a funny moment before rehearsal began and a fellow tenor, remarked how choir was a great group.  He and his wife are recently retired - he almost teared up as he talked about how good life is right now.  Like all of us, they've had some rough times - parents needing care, dying, kids growing up and moving out.  Leaving your work behind.  It's not as seamless as it appears, is it? But our little group is fairly close knit and, like him, I am grateful for it. Nancy has a great deal to do with it, of course, but so does the choir! :)
I did have court all day Thursday - hence the need to complete a number of visits Wednesday.  One case was contested, but it was less intense than I anticipated (always a good thing - the opposite is usually not so good, LOL).  While the Master took a brief recess for the DSS attorney to check on the status of the case, my phone started vibrating - it was the Dr's office - the doctor's office whence the bibopsy had been taken.  I listened to the message twice - and then called them back - good news, no cancer! Not that I had been terribly worried, but hey, one less thing! A few months of some hormone therapy, another ultrasound to check and I should be "right as rain" as my fellow knitters on the other side of the pond would say. (insert sigh of relief here!)
Yesterday, I really didn't feel so hot.  I'm not sure why, but I had nothing pressing at work, and had no hearings, so I figured any trips to the office could wait until Monday, and spent the day returning phone calls and doing paperwork at home.  Much of the early evening was spent knitting.  Then I did something I haven't done in a long while. I attended Stations of the Cross at St. Peter's - another Episcopal Church just down the street from St. John's.  St. Pete's is more of an Anglo-Catholic church, which is why I suppose there are two churches of the Anglican Communion in one small town and yet two more, each in the towns on the other sides of Ellicott City.  Friends of mine from choir are involved at St. Pete's Tom H, who is married to Donna H., is the organist for St. Peter's and has rebuilt their organ to its present wonderful state. I hadn't been to Stations since my days as a Papist (sorry, family, just kidding!) and thought it would be an appropriate thing to do during Lent.  John had to work last night and will be working next Friday night, so unfortunately, he wasn't (and won't) be able to go with me, so the only person I knew last night was Tom and Rev. Kirk (Kubicek) whom  I had met only briefly previously. Next Friday, at Tom's request, Donna and others and I will be doing some of the readings.  More interestingly, Nancy will be playing portions of  Marcel Dupre's Le Chemin de la Croix.  I am half looking anticipating/half dreading that evening! But I think it will be necessary.

After the Stations, I realized it was still fairly early.  John was sleeping, S and B were out with friends as they usually do for dinner on Friday evenings, and I really didn't feel like just heading home.  So I did something else I hadn't done in a long time.  I had $21 burning a hole in my pocket, LOL (after spending some to bribe a client to meet with me  - no I bought the food people!), so I went to Barnes and Noble to browse some books and maybe have a cup 'o joe.
I actually browsed all over, starting in the magazines (knitting, of course).  I don't usually pay attention to young men standing nearby, mainly because I'm kind of too old for that, LOL:), so I was a bit startled when I heard this man's voice saying, "So, which ones do you want, Joan?" I turned and saw Patrick - from our knitting group!
I was so surprised that I think I blithered and blathered on about nothing in particular (sorry, Patrick - it was really good to see a friendly face there!) If you have a chance, you really should check out his blog - he's a knitter and a spinner and a weaver.  His fiber work is outstanding!
After meeting Patrick, I went for the knitting books - oh hell, who am I kidding?! I didn't even give it up for Lent.  And then I found it: This. 
Yes, Knit One Below by that Elise Duvekot, from the Netherlands.  Of course, it is put out by XRX Publications, the same people who do Knitter's Magazine.  This was beautifully done, in my opinion - and it opens up such a world of possibilities for stash busting! I did show Patrick, but he insisted he's a sock man, LOL!  After using my
 discount card (did you doubt I had one?), I found I had enough money to buy myself a cup of coffee.  Although I am not a Starbucks coffee fan (it's just too harsh and bitter for me, sorry - I do like the rest of their stuff, though), I found myself sitting down to enjoy this book for the better part of an hour.  I already have an idea of something to knit up for the summer. (Evil chuckle in background).
I got home in time to be sure John was up for work and after saying our good nights, I settled in for a glass of wine and dinner and then hunkered down to some serious knitting! You know how
 it is, once you really start to see a pattern shape up, you have to keep going, onward and upward through an episode of The L Word, two of the Barefoot Contessa and some seriously bad movies in the process.   By the time I was done, it was 6:30 a.m., so I figured I'd take a picture or two and quickly post before showering and getting ready for the grandangels' arrival.

I had to take a break this morning from the Sampler Shawl - as tight a schedule as I've been on
with this thing.  Instead, I've been working on the Daily Sweater. It, too, is a lot of stitches on sizes 3 and 5 needles, so it is not as fast going as one might think.  But I'm so close, I'm actually getting some reward for all that mind-numbing stockinette in the round I've been doing (of course were I a bit smaller horizontally, I might not have to be knitting so much stockinette, mind-numbing or otherwise!).
And that's where I am right now.  John has gotten up and is with M (older grandgirl) to the library.  R (younger grandgirl) is napping on the floor, S is doing her wash downstairs, J is working at Panera and here I sit, at the Messiest Desk in Christendom, happily anticipating a bit of knitting and cooking shows (or mysteries or podcasts).  Well, dear 3.5 readers, thanks for reading this prattle.  I will be back soon.  Until then, God be with you 'til we meet again!

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