Sunny Monday morning

Yes, Virginia, we do have a sun at the center of our solar system. It just appears that we live perpetually under the clouds here in Merlin. It's been such dreary weather lately - rain and cold. It's still cold, but the sun is shining - at least for now:) Oops as I'm typing this, the day is going back to cloudy. Ah well, it was good while it lasted.
On Saturday, I did go to that funeral (thank you, John) and afterwards had lunch with Nancy and Rennie. Nancy had to run to work with the children's choir and Rennie stuck around while I finished up. He is a great student of history and genealogy; it's always interesting to hear his family stories and about all the research he's done. I told him he should write a book. It must be something to have such a great sense of one's own family history. I told him he must feel like he's got not only his own nuclear family behind him, but the generations that preceded them. He's even done research back to England into the 16th century! I wonder what it would be like for some of my clients to know that there were interesting people in their backgrounds - maybe it would get them to think that maybe their lives can be different. Something to think about....
Gee golly, guess what my New Year's resolution is going to be?
You guessed it - KNIT FROM MY STASH!!!!!! I know I had some resolutions posted a week or two ago and this was not really in it.
I don't think you can really not use any yarn except your stash - it should be perfectly acceptable to supplement one's stash with an occasional yarn purchase. After all, we have to keep our LYSs in business, don't we? But this kind of piggishness is downright silly, folks - or at least it's a really bad case of startitis. Either way, it saps resources in a time when we need to be more frugal. So far I've been a good doobie - no purchases and I've finished three projects in the last month and am working on finishing one this month and hopefully one the next.
That doesn't mean I'm not taking the time to do the projects correctly. I had to rip back on my Spring Forward/Winter Huddle sweater because as you can see in the first picture below, I had
not enough saddle left and too many stitches to pick up. As a result, there was a bit of a flare/bunching up at the end of the saddles. I saw a disaster in the making. After soldiering on, completely in denial, I decided it was better to rip back the back and add another 8 rows on each saddle. That seems to have done the trick:

So now I'm back at row four of the back and I'm feeling better already!
Speaking of feeling better, I'm still coughing too much, but it's no where near as bad as it's been. After the holidays, I was so worried about catching up at work that I kept going when I was feeling like garbage, saving too many very late nights for knitting. After a nice long sleep last night, I feel almost human again.
To catch up on the events in my life, Saturday, after the funeral, I went home in the midst of an icy downpour. Thankfully, it warmed up and returned to rain because I realized I was supposed to be in Baltimore by 5:00 to go to a backstage tour at the Meyerhoff with Beth, my friend and colleague from Frederick County. It was really good to
see Beth and to catch up with her a little more than the brief exchange during her Holiday party. She looked great and appears to be doing very well. It always makes me happy when the good guys do well:)
The tour was sort of ho hum at first - but it got more interesting when we visited the greatly overcrowded music library and spoke with a very nice music librarian. I am always so impressed by Those Who Are Naturally Organized. I have friends like that (Nancy, Diane, Donna, Annemarie, Tony). These people really exist, and no it is not just a legend you heard as a child or something you dreamed after too many Twinkies and glasses of whatever.
The backstage tour ended, we proceeded to attend an "Off the Cuff" presentation and performance by Marin Alsop and the BSO about Brahms, his unusual relationship with Klara and Robert Schumann and Brahms' First Symphony - which Maestra Alsop posits is an homage to Beethoven with bits of Wagner (and I would also add Schumann) thrown in. Marin Alsop is of course a stunning conductor - she knows the music backwards and forwards and conducted this performance from memory - no score! She is expressive, but not ridiculous or pompous. We are lucky to have her with us. The Q&A afterwards was brief and fun. To give you an idea of her personality, Saturday evening there was a playoff for the Bawlmer Ravens. She arrived onstage with her usual black pants and tails - with a purple satin shirt (Ravens colors). She got a roar from the audience when she said, "I see not everyone is watching the game tonight," and she got a huge round of applause when she said, "When you go see the BSO, everybody wins!" The orchestra was wonderful. I was very grateful to Beth for sharing her tickets to this series. It's one they should definitely continue - as one who knows enough about music to be dangerous, I learned enough to have fun.
Sunday morning was another early day with Bell choir and adult choir. Bells played at both services and sang at the second. By the time it was over, I was ready for a nap. Had lunch with Nancy instead (great catching up, although I don't think I was much fun:() and then went home to make dinner for the kids. John got a roast beast and the makings and I did one of those roast in the bag thingies - turned out quite well, if a bit too well done. By the end of the night, I was done. For the first time in months, I got to bed by 10:30 and do not recall my head hitting the pillow. No court today, so I'm up and feeling great.
Except that we got an e-mail today from the boss, with not good/not bad news. That's OK, I'm glad for the job. Now on to work. Back soon. Until then GBWYTWMA

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